Our 10 Best Steam Irons Reviewed

Powerful and efficient steam with smooth gliding soleplates.

Top 10 Best Steam Irons Reviewed

Top 10 Best Steam Irons Reviewed

Ironing can be so tedious and it can take so many glides to remove creases. The best way to smooth out stubborn creases from clothing is with steam which can drastically speed up the ironing process. They can reduce your ironing time by more than half with efficient heat up time and powerful steam shots.

With the amount of long steam iron reviews on the web, it can be hard to quickly decide which models are suitable for you, so we’ve put together quick summarized reviews for each of our top 10 best steam irons. You can also compare each model side-by-side in our comparison table.

Our Top 10 Best Steam Irons Reviewed

Russell Hobbs 23061 Supreme Steam Iron Review

10. Russell Hobbs 23061 Supreme Steam

OUR RATING4.3 out of 5 stars

Buy the Russell Hobbs 23061 Supreme Steam - £16.49

  • Non-Stick Stainless Steel Soleplate – Gives a smooth glide without pulling on clothing.
  • Vertical Steam – Hanging garments and fabrics can be steamed easily.
  • Even Steam Distribution – Thanks to a combination of 40g per minute of continuous steam and 110g per minute of steam shot.
  • Various Functions to meet different ironing needs.

For people on a budget, the Russell Hobbs 23061 Supreme Steam is one of the best steam irons that will meet all your ironing needs without breaking the bank. There’s a spray function that comes in use when you have very stubborn creases which needs some extra steam power to remove it and an anti-drip feature to prevent water marks getting onto your ironed clothing.

With its vertical steam feature, you can go from steaming your curtains to ironing your delicates without steam and get a perfectly wrinkle free finish. The large water tank size of 300 ml is enough to see you through one wash load without the need to refill.

Due to its light weight of 1.1kg, it makes ironing chores quicker as you don’t need to stop and rest your aching arms. With the 2 metre electric cord, it gives you a longer reach so you can iron with ease.

This iron gives excellent quality ironing results which are just as good as higher end steam irons. To ensure this iron continues to perform well and lasts a long time, there’s a self-clean function which removes limescale to protect the iron.


Tefal Ultraglide FV4040 Steam Iron Review

9. Tefal Ultraglide FV4040

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Tefal Ultraglide FV4040 - £44.99

  • Durilium Technology Soleplate – The durable soleplate ensures an effortless glide with excellent steam distribution making ironing work quick and simple.
  • Easy to Maintain – The anti-scale system means you don’t have to clean your iron as often as required.
  • Safety Auto Shut-Off – For your peace of mind, the iron will automatically switch off itself if it’s not been used for a certain amount of time whether it’s standing or face down.
  • Easycord System – Keeps the cord out of the way when you’re ironing so it doesn’t catch on your clothes and ruin your hard work.

Boasting a powerful steam output of 40g/minute combined with 150g/minute shot of steam, the Tefal Ultraglide FV4040 penetrates deep into any fabric to remove creases and wrinkles no matter how tough they are.

Ironing over clothing is effortless with no resistance from the Durilium Technology soleplate which is exclusive to Tefal. Not only does it ensure a frictionless glide but it’s also highly scratch resistant making it more durable than most irons.

With the conveniently placed steam trigger, this makes it easy to access whilst ironing without interrupting your task. The base of the iron is wider than many other steam irons so when you stand it up, you’re unlikely to knock it over. It’s ideal for anyone who has a habit of breaking irons this way!

Unlike most steam irons, this one has an extra large opening to the water tank so you can fill it up without spilling water everywhere. There’s an important safety feature this iron has which is an automatic shut-off function when the iron has been left unused or worse, forgotten. There’s practically no maintenance required for this iron thanks to the dual anti-scale and self-cleaning systems so it’ll continue to give its best steaming performance.


Philips GC2045 EasySpeed Steam Iron Review

8. Philips GC2045 EasySpeed

OUR RATING4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Philips GC2045 EasySpeed - Price not available

  • Ceramic Soleplate – Scratch resistant, better glide performance and easy to clean.
  • Calc Clean Slider – Removes built up limescale in less than a minute to maintain the steam performance of your iron.
  • Fast Heat Up – Takes less than 2 minutes to heat up.
  • Triple Precision Tip – Pointed and sleek nose to enable you to iron in between buttons or pleats with ease.
  • Heatproof Storage Box – You can safely store your iron in this box even when it’s still hot.

Taking less than 2 minutes to heat up due to the 2300 watts of power, the Philips GC2045 EasySpeed steam iron is perfect for everyday ironing tasks. The non-stick ceramic soleplate ensures heat is evenly distributed to give excellent glide across all types of fabrics. Combined with the continuous steam output of 35g/minute, your ironing chores will be completed quicker than expected.

With a fully filled water tank, it will see you through a large load of washing or more than a week’s worth of work shirts which is ideal if you tend to iron your shirts every morning before work. They can even be left on the hangers and steam ironed instead thanks to the vertical steam function.

Conveniently, unlike other irons, there’s a heat storage box included so you can put your iron away without having to wait for the soleplate to cool down. It doesn’t seem like anything special but other steam iron reviews will tell you just how handy this box is.


Russell Hobbs 21370 Steamglide Professional Steam Iron Review

7. Russell Hobbs 21370 Steamglide Professional

OUR RATING4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Russell Hobbs 21370 Steamglide Professional - £28.50

  • 3 Metre Cord Length – Allows you to iron wherever you want without restriction.
  • Large Water Tank – So your ironing doesn’t get interrupted with a refill.
  • Ceramic Soleplate – Offers better heat distribution and a smoother glide.
  • Non-Slip Heel – For extra stability when it’s left upright.
  • Self-Cleaning – A concentrated burst of steam is released to force out scale and leftover water from the iron.

The Russell Hobbs 21370 Steamglide Professional is one of the best steam irons within its price range to tackle stubborn creases in heavy fabrics such as denim or canvas. Its powerful steam output of 40g/minute helps to soften the creases so it can be easily smoothed out with the ceramic soleplate. If the crease just won’t budge, the strong shot of 120g/minute steam will do the trick even if the fabric is very dry.

Garments such as suit jackets can be hard to iron on a board but luckily this iron has a vertical steam function which allows you to remove creases whilst the garment is hung up. The temperature can be adjusted with the thermostat to suit different types of fabrics too so it can even be used for hanging curtains.

It’s pretty easy to use this iron because of the clearly marked buttons for each different function. Maintenance is no problem either due to its self cleaning function. If you forget to turn it off, you don’t even need to worry since the iron will just automatically switch off when it’s been left unused for a certain amount of time.


Russell Hobbs 20630 Powersteam Ultra Steam Iron Review

6. Russell Hobbs 20630 Powersteam Ultra

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Russell Hobbs 20630 Powersteam Ultra - £31.00

  • Powerful Steam Shot – The 210g/minute shot of steam can be used to remove hard to budge creases in dried clothing fabrics such as linen.
  • Extra Large Water Tank – Allows you to fill up to 350ml of water and you can see when it’s time for a refill with the transparent tank.
  • Triple Cleaning Action – Press the self-clean button to rid the iron of limescale to help prolong the life of your iron.
  • Quick Heat Up Time – Takes less than a minute to reach the desired heat level.

The mean looking Russell Hobbs 20630 Powersteam Ultra steam iron means business when it comes to ironing chores. It makes light work of tough creases and wrinkles with its 45g continuous steam output and if they don’t budge, the big guns come out in the form of a mighty 210g shot of steam that kills creases on contact regardless of the fabric. However, you can go gentle on delicate fabrics with the variable steam button.

Powered by 3100 watts, this iron heats up 15% faster than most other Russell Hobbs irons and the ultra smooth ceramic soleplate irons 50% smoother too. As a result, ironing tasks are much more quicker and easier. To get a professionally ironed finish, the tapered tip with button groove can get in between the buttons on your clothing with ease.

Despite its mean look, the iron is surprisingly light to handle even when the 350ml water tank is full. It’s comfortable to hold with the ergonomically designed handle with rubber grip and the function buttons are easily reachable with your thumb whilst ironing.


Philips GC4511/20 Azur Performer Steam Iron Review

5. Philips GC4511/20 Azur Performer

OUR RATING4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Philips GC4511/20 Azur Performer - Price not available

  • SteamGlide Plus Soleplate – Offers a superior glide and steam vents have been well placed to give an even distribution of steam so you can speed through your ironing with ease.
  • Auto Steam Control – The steam output is adjusted automatically once you select the temperature for the garment you’re ironing.
  • Easy to Clean – The iron self-cleans to rid itself of built up calc and there’s also a quick calc release outlet that can be used for manual cleaning.
  • No Water Stains – The anti-drip system stops water droplets from staining delicate fabrics.

The Philips GC4511/20 Azur Performer steam iron delivers excellent steam output of 45g/minute with the ability to automatically adjust to the right amount of steam required for different types of fabric making it easy and quick to remove creases. It’s very simple to use as all you need to do is select temperature for the fabric you’re ironing and the iron will shoot out the steam needed. It’s ideal for anyone who have little or no experience in ironing.

It takes just 2 minutes for the iron to heat up which is pretty important if you need to quickly freshen up your clothes with a vertical steam before work.

If you’re dry ironing instead, then you’ll find the SteamGlide Plus Soleplate slides over all fabric easily.

Steam doesn’t always have to be used to remove creases since the spray function can help to soften fabric to remove creases with ease.

Keeping the iron clean requires very little effort as the iron self cleans with a push of the calc clean button which helps to remove tough calc and dirt. There’s also a quick calc release which is a small container located at the back of the iron that collects scale particles when the iron is standing on its heels. This can be removed for emptying and wash that takes only seconds. It’s ideal for anyone living in areas with hard water.


Tefal Ultimate FV9630 Steam Iron Review

4. Tefal Ultimate FV9630

OUR RATING4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Tefal Ultimate FV9630 - Price not available

  • 2 in 1 Autosteam Control – Temperature and output of steam is automatically adjusted to suit the fabric type chosen.
  • Easycord System – The cord fits into a slot in the handle so it’s out of the way when it’s standing upright and during ironing.
  • Auto-Off Function – The iron switches off when it’s been left unattended after a short amount of time.
  • Anti-Calc System – Limescale is directed into a removable drawer making it easy to empty.

With the clever innovation of the Anti-calc System, the Tefal Ultimate FV9630 is a strong barrier against limescale as it’s denied access to remain within the iron. During ironing, limescale is forced through the system to the back of the iron where it’s imprisoned within the Anti-calc Collector drawer which is simple to remove for emptying out and a quick rinse to clean it out.

As a result, the steam iron will continue to perform its impressive 200g/minute steam shots to terminate rigid creases and the steam output of 50g/minute will also continue to flow at its best. It’s easy to use this iron with the 2 in 1 Autosteam Control which sets the correct amount of steam and heat when the fabric type is selected. This makes it ideal for people who barely iron.

Ironing with this iron is a piece of cake due to the special design of the raised lines across the Ultraglide Diffusion soleplate. Not only do these lines ensure a well balanced distribution of heat but it also reduces surface friction and resistance to ensure a superior glide across all fabrics. It’s scratch resistant for excellent steam distribution making it a lot more durable than most irons within the same price range.


Morphy Richards 303105 Turbosteam Steam Iron Review

3. Morphy Richards 303105 Turbosteam

OUR RATING4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the Morphy Richards 303105 Turbosteam

  • Electronic Controls – Simple to use and see which temperature has been selected with the illuminated red dot.
  • Ionic Anti Static Soleplate – Decreases the amount of static created in clothing during ironing.
  • Easy Fill 400ml Water Tank – Wide opening to allow you to easily fill the tank with water without spilling water everywhere.
  • Limescale Management – Self-clean and anti-scale pouch to prevent limescale from building up.
  • Automatic Switch Off – Iron switches off by itself if it’s left unused over a certain amount of time to save energy and give you a peace of mind.

If you’re after a steam iron that produces excellent results fast, then you might want to consider the Morphy Richards 303105 Turbosteam Pro due to its turbo boosted features. A combination of the 3100 watts and TriZone technology in its ionic soleplate is carefully designed to deliver an impressive steam and pressing power.

Overtime, limescale will build up during ironing and this happens faster if you’re using hard water. To prevent this build up, there’s an anti-scale pouch built in that filters the water. Minimal cleaning is required as the iron pretty much cleans itself of the limescale when you flush water through it.

Featuring a hi-tech electronic button control, it’s easier to use and also gives a more precise temperature control. In addition, it lights up to let you know when the iron is hot and ready to use so you won’t risk burning your fingers by testing the heat! It’s one of Morphy Richards’ best steam irons that’s worth the price.


Philips GC2086/30 EasySpeed Plus Cordless Steam Iron Review

2. Philips GC2086/30 EasySpeed Plus Cordless

OUR RATING4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the Philips GC2086/30 EasySpeed Plus Cordless - Price not available

  • Compact Smart Charging Base – Charges in less than 6 seconds for a powerful cordless steam performance.
  • Cordless – Allows you to iron freely without a cord to hold you back.
  • Smart Light Feedback – The ring around the charging base lights up to show the status of the iron.
  • Easy Cord Winder – The cord can be wrapped around the charging base with the iron locking into the base to make it easy and safe for storage.
  • Calc Clean Function – Self cleans to get rid of limescale built up during ironing.

Having an iron without a cord gives you the freedom to iron however and wherever you want which is exactly what the Philips GC2086/30 EasySpeed Plus Cordless steam iron does. It charges on a small charging base that features a light up ring to tell you when it’s charging, charged and needs to be charged. Unlike corded irons, it takes just 6 seconds to fully charge this!

You’re probably thinking a full charge of 6 seconds won’t give much ironing time. Well you’re right in thinking that. It actually gives about a minute or so of ironing time but that’s actually enough time anyway because you would need to place the iron down to rotate the garment you’re ironing which will take the same amount of time for the iron to recharge.

Besides the super charging speed, this iron’s steam power of 150g/minute gets rid of tough creases with ease and the 35g of continuous steam helps to soften creases and remove them in one glide. Gliding with this iron is very smooth due to the ceramic soleplate which is also durable with no risk of scorching.


Philips GC4521/87 Azur Performer Plus Steam Iron Review

1. Philips GC4521/87 Azur Performer Plus

OUR RATING 4.8 out of 5 stars

Buy the Philips GC4521/87 Azur Performer Plus - Price not available

  • T-ionicGlide Soleplate – Fused with a Titanium-Oxide layer to provide the ultimate gliding performance as well as being very durable and hard to scratch.
  • Smart CordGuide – The cord can be clipped onto the side of your ironing board so it stays out of the way when you’re ironing.
  • Powerful Steam Boost – A shot of 200g/minute boost of steam will remove deep creases with ease.
  • Quick Calc Release – Stubborn calc is removed and flushed out into the removable drawer.
  • Efficient Heat Up Time – It takes less than 40 seconds for the iron to heat up.

At the top of our list is the sleek looking Philips GC4521/87 Azur Performer Plus steam iron with its heavy steam output of up to 50g/minute to allow for a deeper steam penetration in fabrics.

Its coated with a layer of titanium-oxide in its T-ionicGlide soleplate which gives a 25% better gliding experience than most other steam irons. Many have found the glide to be very smooth with no friction at all.

With the average cord length at 2 metres, it’s quite long for many users and it gets in the way if you’re gliding backwards. So the clever people at Philips has included a cord clip that clips to the side of your ironing board so it remains in one place during ironing instead or swinging freely along with your arm movements.

Most steam irons with the same wattage power as this one tends to take a couple minutes to heat up. However, the Azur Performer Plus takes just 30 – 40 seconds to heat up. Combined with the even spread of steam vents and heat distribution, you could complete a small load in just 10 minutes. There are so many great steam iron reviews for this one so it’s no wonder it’s made our no. 1 spot in this list.

Final Word | Best Steam Irons

With such a varied range in our top 10 list of best steam irons, you have quite a wide selection to choose from. Ideally some of the more pricier ones are probably better if you iron fairly often and can afford to spend a bit more but if not, you will do just fine with one of the cheaper steam irons.

Don’t forget, you can also compare the above steam irons in our comparison table to get a better idea of how they stack up with each other.

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