What Are the Most Energy Efficient Heaters?

Most Energy Efficient Heaters

Running a home is expensive - especially in winter. It's estimated that over half of the money spent on fuel goes towards heating and hot water. Home heating systems can vary wildly in terms of cost, so this article aims to equip you with the knowledge that will enable to choose the most energy efficient heaters available to you.

It is important to make the distinction between cheap heaters and the cheapest heaters to run - although a heater may cost a little more initially if it's the most economical heater to run. In general, it's cheaper to heat your home using your central heating, BUT if you only need to heat one room, it may be more energy efficient to use a single heater.

It is well known that gas is by far the cheapest form of fuel (and the most popular fuel for central heating), but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's the most energy efficient.

There are 2 the main types of heater available: portable and fixed (usually in the fireplace).

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Bottled Gas Heaters

Bottle Gas Heater

These heaters are available in different types: radiant heaters, which work by emitting heat that transfers to the surrounding objects, real flame heaters, which are similar but the heat is radiated by flames and artificial coal/wood, and catalytic heaters, which works by gas flowing through mesh which creates heat that is absorbed and radiated by the grill. The grill then convects the heat and emits infrared waves.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to install and move


  • Despite having wheels, they are bulky, heavy and difficult to move.
  • The bottles needed to be refilled or exchanged, so you run the risk of running out.
  • Portable bottled gas heaters give off fuels so homeowners require adequate ventilation, making this form of home heating pretty inefficient.

Energy Efficiency Rating: 2/5

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Bottled Gas Heaters

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