Top 7 Best Foot Roller Massagers Comparison

Relax and re-energise your feet with a soothing foot massage.

Top 7 Best Foot Roller Massagers

Considered as part of the massage routine, a foot massage can do wonders to relieve tired and aching feet to enable your entire body to release that tension and relax. However, it’s not always convenient to go the spa or to your local masseuse to get one.

Having a home foot roller is best as it’s already set up and ready for rolling. Here are 7 of our best foot roller massagers that are designed to imitate a massage therapist’s fingers which can really get into those knots.

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A foot roller massager is based on reflexology and designed like a dumbbell with the centre filled with raised massage nodes. This is where you place your feet to roll over it.

Some are designed to massage both of your feet at once such as traditional wooden foot rollers or one at a time. This article features some of the finest foot massagers that are currently on the market which are effective and fit for the purpose it’s intended for.

Why Use a Foot Roller Massager?

Reflexology is an ancient technique that focuses on certain reflex points in the foot that is believed to be linked to parts of the body.

Through massaging these points, it can release tension, relieve tired feet and even treat illnesses. It isn’t as widely practiced in most Western countries but a foot roller massager can be used instead. Here are some benefits to using a foot roller:

  • Boosts circulation – gets your feet moving which helps to get the blood flowing and improves the circulation. Tight or improper footwear can have an impact on circulation and a rolling massage can help this. It’s ideal for people whose feet tend to remain stationary throughout the day.
  • Relaxes the body – releasing muscle tension and easing painful and aching feet after a long day can help the whole body to de-stress and unwind as well.
  • Relieves arthritis pain – a good massage on the foot massager can improve circulation and relieve pain amongst other things. Using a cold foot roller can help to reduce inflamed and swollen joints as well.
  • Aids recovery injuries – some physiotherapists recommend foot massages to release chronic tension that may have built up during an injury. The relief of joint pain can help the body to recover a bit quicker.
  • Improves the health of your feet – keeping feet healthy will help to prevent foot problems as the muscles are stimulated, stiffness is reduced and eases pain from a long day. A few minutes of using the foot massager at the end of every day can help to increase the strength of your feet particularly around the ankles which will make you less susceptible to injuries.
  • Relieves plantar fasciitis – as muscle tension in the feet is released and blood circulation is increased as you roll, this helps to reduce inflammation caused by plantar fasciitis. As a result, a faster and more effective recovery can be achieved.
  • Encourages better sleep – some of the best foot roller massagers can effectively hit certain acupuncture points on your feet to help you fall asleep easier.

Although there are many other foot massager machines available, using a foot roller can prove to be more advantageous for the following reasons:

  • Costs less – They’re cheaper to operate as they don’t need to be mains operated.
  • Easy to clean – Can be washed or wiped clean with a damp cloth if needed.
  • Simple to use – The instructions for use are pretty straightforward although it’s more or less just a matter of putting your feet on and start rolling.
  • Conveniently sized – The design and shape is typically compact and lightweight making it easy to carry around so you can keep it on you wherever you go.