Top 5 Best Window Vacuum Cleaners Reviewed

Steam clean windows, shower cubicles, mirrors and tiles.

Top 5 Best Window Vacuum Cleaners Reviewed

Top 5 Best Window Vacuum Cleaners Reviewed

A window vacuum cleaner is a useful tool to have on hand. They can be used not only for cleaning windows but also for removing condensation stains from shower cubicles, cleaning mirrors and even tiles – in fact, they can be used on most smooth surfaces. They work in the same way as a traditional vacuum, but they are used to vacuum up liquids. Some other good reasons to buy a window vacuum cleaner are:

  • They are a useful solution for cleaning large areas of glass, for example, patio doors and conservatories, quickly and efficiently without leaving streaks or smudges.
  • Removing excessive condensation in your bathroom, kitchen or even your car. If left for long periods of time, condensation can build up and cause mould; a window vacuum cleaner is a more efficient way to remove the water than using a towel and is more compact than a bulky dehumidifier.

The following summarized window vac reviews aims to equip you with the information you need to pick the best window vacuum cleaner for 2017. You’ll be able to select the best model to suit your needs depending on your requirements with regards to price, usage, and any accessories you feel are necessary.

Our 5 Best Window Vacs Reviewed

Vileda WindoMatic Window Vacuum Cleaner Review

5. Vileda WindoMatic

OUR RATING 4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Vileda WindoMatic - Price not available

  • The vacuum is cordless and lightweight, so you can easily clean both inside and outside of your home easily, without having to drag wires around with you.
  • The flexible neck allows the product to adjust to the angle of whatever it’s cleaning, and also automatically adjusts the pressure, so the user gets a great result without having to exert more pressure.

As well as leaving windows and mirrors streak-free and shiny (including the windows of your car), the Vileda WindoMatic Window Vacuum Cleaner can also mop up spillages from any flat, smooth surface. The wiper blade provided is wide enough that the suction power efficiently removes water from windows.

The glass is left drip and streak free, and unlike more traditional window cleaners, there is no need to buff the window dry. The flexible head of the vacuum cleaner is specially designed so that it can fit in small spaces, such as corners or the edges of your windows.

This model comes fitted with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be charged at the mains, so no need to drag a cord around as you clean. The Vileda WindowMatic is fairly lightweight, weighing in at 835g, and has a run time of around half an hour.

Other window vacuum cleaner reviews are generally positive for this model – it is considered to be comparable to Karcher models, which tend to be viewed as the market leaders. The issues people generally have with it is the flexible head, although it seems to be a matter of personal preference. If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative to the more expensive Karcher window vacuum cleaner, the WindoMatic is a great option.


Karcher WV50 Window Vacuum Cleaner Review

4. Kärcher WV50

OUR RATING4.2 out of 5 stars

Buy the Kärcher WV50 - Price not available

  • Leaves windows completely dry and streak free – sucks up the dirty water so there are no drips on your windows when you’ve finished cleaning them.
  • Versatile and portable – only weighs 700g, compared to the Vileda’s WindoMatic, which weighs in at 835g.
  • There are various additional accessories available to purchase separately, such as smaller suction heads, cloths, and spray bottles.

Although there are more advanced versions of this product, reviews are very favourable – the main complaint people tend to have is with regards to the run time. It isn’t long enough for some users to clean every window in their house.

However, if you don’t mind doing your windows in a couple of sessions, you’ll be compensated with a low-price, high-performance product, that gives a far superior result than traditional window cleaning methods.

The WV50 comes with a rechargeable ion battery (and mains charger). A full charge can clean on average up to 45 windows (20 to 30 minutes).

It’s lightweight and ergonomically designed so that even those people with restricted mobility can easily use the window vacuum. Karcher also offers a strong 2-year warranty on this product.


Karcher WV2 Window Vac Review

3. Karcher WV2 2nd Generation

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Karcher WV2 2nd Generation - £65.99

  • 10% smaller than its previous model, and is also fractionally lighter with a slightly longer running time.
  • Quieter motor than many other models.
  • Leaves no stains or wipe marks

The Karcher WV2 2nd generation was designed with simplicity in mind – easy to use straight out of the box, whilst also being reliable and robustly made (though a 12-month warranty is included should you have any issues).

This is also a lower on the price spectrum but has overall positive feedback from users, particularly regarding its ability to clean countertops and other areas in the kitchen, such as the oven door and backsplash. You should also note that the second generation model is more slimline and compact than the first, and comes with an improved battery life.


Karcher WV5 Premium Window Vac Review

2. Karcher WV5 Premium 2nd Generation

OUR RATING4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Karcher WV5 Premium 2nd Generation - £82.25

  • A semi-professional version of Karcher’s popular window vacuum cleaner.
  • Around 35 minutes of run time (cleaning around 105m² per charge), which is considerably better than Karcher’s other window vacs.
  • Includes functional accessories such as a smaller suction head, spray bottle, detergent, and cloth in the box.

The WV5 boasts the same streak-free and shiny finish as Karcher’s other models, but is considerably more powerful, despite being quieter.

The real improvement that Karcher made on this model is the removable battery, allowing avid users (and perhaps professional window cleaners) the opportunity to purchase a spare battery and charge that whilst the vacuum cleaner is in use, allowing the user continuous use.

A more powerful cleaner comes with a slightly higher price tag – this is most likely aimed at people with a large area to clean, for example, people that get a lot of condensation building up on their windows and therefore need to use the window vacuum cleaner a lot – maybe even every day in the winter months.

In such cases, purchasing the battery pack and spare battery would be worth the extra expense. Professional window cleaners would also find the removable battery function and the increased power of particular use. The addition of a 3-step LED display on the handle is also a nice touch, with a red, green or amber light to indicate the remaining battery life.

Other window vacuum cleaner reviews from users of the Karcher WV5 are generally very positive and tend to be from people with large areas to clean, such as a conservatory, when the long battery life is comes in handy.


Karcher WV2 Premium Window Vacuum Cleaner Review

1. Karcher WV2 Premium 2nd Generation

OUR RATING4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the Karcher WV2 Premium 2nd Generation - £45.82

  • An enhanced version of the Karcher WV2 2nd Generation
  • A complete cleaning system, including a separate smaller suction nozzle, spray bottle, detergent, and micro-fibre cloths.

Though not as powerful a motor as the WV5 model, the WV2 Premium includes all the accessories you’ll need at a lower price. It is also slighter lighter than the WV5, something that you might want to consider if you plan on using the product for a prolonged period of time, or if you have limited mobility.

This is definitely a more premium product, but without the option of a removable battery. This model is noticeably more streamlined and lighter than previous incarnations, but with improvements on battery life and performance.

The inclusion of the smaller nozzle was also well-received, since cleaning the corners of windows and harder to reach places is more convenient with the smaller nozzle.

The Karcher WV2 Premium 2nd Gen window vacuum cleaner delivers clean, streak-free surfaces and is capable of delivering over 30 minutes of battery life. It also includes a variety of useful accessories – wide suction head, narrow suction head, microfibre cleaning head, spray bottle and a window cleaning detergent.

It manages to offer high-performance combined with great value for money, which is why it tops our list of the best window vacuum cleaners.

Top Features | Best Window Vacuum Cleaners


Consider the weight and size of the window vacuum cleaner, especially if you have limited mobility. In general, the more powerful a window vacuum cleaner, the heavier it is, although there are models available that manage to combine a powerful motor with a lightweight product – this is reflected in the higher price tag.


This mostly down to personal preference and requirements. If you have high windows or wish to clean the outside of your first-floor windows, you may require a telescopic extension pole (these can be bought separately and fitted on to the Karcher models).

There are also suction nozzles in smaller sizes (useful for if your windows contain small panes of glass, or have hard to reach crevices) and some window vacuum cleaners come with a cleaning trigger nozzle to spray on your cleaning detergent.

Run Time

The length of time between charges can vary from model to model – in general, the cheaper models tend to have a run time of around 20 minutes, whilst the more premium models can run for 30-40 minutes before needing to be charged.

All products reviewed include a rechargeable lithium ion battery and mains-powered charging cable – models such as the WV5 Premium has a removable battery so that consumers have the option of buying a spare battery and charging station and will be able to switch the batteries over when it needs charging.

Charge Time

The time it takes for the battery to fully charge varies between 2 to 3 hours – those models with a more powerful motor take longer to charge than the smaller, lighter ones (although their run time is longer; often double the length of time).

Cleaning Area

Run time may not always be the most useful indicator of how long the battery lasts, so it’s also worth checking how big a cleaning area each full charge can vacuum. On average, for 20 minutes of run time, a cleaning area of 75m² can be cleaned. A run time of forty minutes can cover over 100m².


The higher priced products tend to have a longer run time, meaning that they can clean a much larger area per charge, although it may take considerably longer to actually charge the product fully. They often come with more accessories such as various nozzles and maybe cleaning detergents and cloths.

Watch how the Karcher WV2 Premium window vac cleans different surfaces:

A Final Word | Best Window Vacuum Cleaners

A window vacuum cleaner can be a great gadget to have – window cleaning is a tedious task, that can be done in no time with one of these tools, not to mention its use in other areas such as mopping up spills and cleaning pretty much any smooth surface. Hopefully our summarized window vacuum cleaner reviews have helped you to make an informed decision when making your purchase.

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