Top 5 Best Outdoor Trampolines Comparison

Top 5 Best Outdoor Trampolines

Compare the specifications of our top 5 best trampolines in our comparison table below.

Bouncing around on a trampoline is a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time. It has a positive effect on kids both mentally, emotionally and physically. Adults can join in on the fun too! Here are 5 of the best outdoor trampolines to start bouncing on.

Looking for ways to get your kids to do more exercise and enjoy the outdoors? Take a look at these popular kids roller skates.

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Our Rating
4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Sizes Available8 ft. / 10 ft. 6 ft. / 8 ft. / 10 ft.
12 ft. / 14 ft.
4.5 ft. 8 ft.6 ft. / 8 ft.
Frame3.8 x 1.5cm Steel Tubes3.8 x 1.5cm Steel TubesSteel Tubes3.4cm Steel Tubes2.5cm Steel Tubes
Foam Padding12cm PVC + PE26 x 1.5cm PVC + PEPE & PP26 x 1.2cm EPEN/A
UV Resistant
Rain Cover
Max. Weight150 kg80 to 175 kg (depends on size)45 kg100 kg80 / 120 kg

Top Features | Best Outdoor Trampolines

  • Our Rating – This is based on our own research in product testing and user feedback. Clicking on each product takes you to the product page where you can read customer reviews on the product you’re interested in.
  • Best Value / Top Rated – Products that we consider to excel in a certain area such as value for money, reputation or technology have been given one of our aforementioned labels of recognition.
  • Frame – Outdoor trampolines are under a lot of pressure when in use, so it’s essential that it has a thick and strong frame to support the weight.
  • Foam Padding – Every decent outdoor trampoline should have thick foam padding around the upper frame as that’s where contact can be made. Some foam padding also doesn’t absorb water or mildew and does a good job of keeping its shape.
  • UV Resistant – If the outdoor trampoline materials are resistant to UV rays emitted by the sun, it won’t fade or discolour.
  • Ladder – Does it include a small step ladder to make it easier for small children to climb up onto the trampoline?
  • Galvanised – This is the process of adding a zinc coating to the steel frame which helps to prevent rusting for many years to come.
  • Price – If you want to know the price of any of the models, just click on the Buy Now button or Check Price and you’ll be redirected to the product page. The reason we don’t put prices is because they constantly change and there are so many sellers offering different prices.

Looking for ways to get your kids to do more exercise and enjoy the outdoors? Take a look at these popular kids roller skates.

How to Buy an Outdoor Trampoline

Confused about trampolines? Here are some must-know information.


A trampoline frame is an important piece as it can affect the quality and life of your trampoline. Welded frames are much weaker as they are likely to snap at welded points so the better option to choose would be a weld free frame.

The frame should also be made with galvanised steel which is strong and less likely to rust. Make sure to check the frame is coated with UV coating to prolong the life of the trampoline.

On the edge of the frame, you will find this is where the coiled springs are attached. These are what makes you bounce on the trampoline. Your bounce will be affected by the amount of springs attached. Having a high number of springs with long lengths will give high and great bounces.

Foam padding is used to cushion the top of the frame and cover the springs so no one lands on these. It is best to aim for padding that is at least 20mm thick and ensure the material is of a high quality that will not tear easily.

The bed of the trampoline is made of a strong nylon like fabric which is attached to the coiled springs with V ring connectors. This method of attachment is safest and easiest which also gives a good bounce.

Outdoor trampolines are typically designed with four legs. There are a few that have 6 legs but there is not much difference except that 4 legged ones will be cheaper and easier to find. You may want a 6 leg bouncer for the extra stability if the jumping frame you choose is fairly large.

Trampoline Extras

A trampoline ladder will come in handy for children who have difficulty climbing onto the trampoline. This ladder must be able to attach to the trampoline and not rest against it to ensure your child gets on safely. Make sure the ladder has non-slip steps and is made of a UV resistant material to ensure it does not rust easily.

Again, netted enclosures can be used to attach and surround the bouncer to prevent children from injury. It is important to use this if there are young children or many children on at the same time.

Ensure that the enclosure is the right size for the trampoline and that the poles are also made with galvanised steel covered with foam padding.

An enclosure will also make children feel safer particularly if they are inexperienced on a bouncer. This will help them to feel more confident as they are less scared of injury.

If you don’t have a garden but want your child to get some exercise and fun on a trampoline, there are mini ones available for indoor use. These can be folded up for easy storage. It measures 3 ft in size and comes with a handlebar which is suitable for ages 3 to 7. However, only one child can go on at a time.

Shape and Size

Trampoline shapes can be circular, rectangular, square or octagon and come in many different sizes. Rectangle shapes will have springs that crisscross each other which give more control over the bounce which is safer so this may be ideal for children.

The size you choose should depend on how much jumping area you will need and what you will be using the trampoline for. For example, if it is for gymnastics, a large jumping area will be needed. It is important to note that a large size does not mean more people can go on as there is a weight limit.

The maximum weight limit and number of users usually goes by the size of the trampoline. A 3ft bouncer will usually have a weight capacity of 25kg and is suitable for one child use only.

A 12ft one can go up to 125kg and will usually advise on just 1 adult on at a time. Exercise trampolines usually measure 3ft in size which is designed for individual use only and will have a maximum weight limit of 100kg.

Caring For Your Product

Good care will ensure a long life for your outdoor trampoline. Some have the option to fold up so it can be easily stored away in the winter months.

If your one cannot fold up then get a trampoline cover with elastic edging which will ensure the cover stays on despite the weather. Make sure the cover is tough and UV resistant as well.

It may be a good idea to look for trampolines that come with covers included as it is important the cover fits the trampoline perfectly. A perfectly fitted cover will prevent debris and water getting in which can damage and mould your trampoline.

As we all know, the UK weather is unpredictable and often windy so your trampoline could possibly be blown over and damaged. Anchor kits can be used to anchor the trampoline into the ground and webbing is used to attach to the trampoline.

An outdoor trampoline can give many hours of fun for children and encourage them to go outside more often. It’s great for adults for exercise purposes too. However, safety precautions must always be followed especially when children are on it or if you are using one yourself.

After all, it’s not fun anymore when someone ends up getting hurt on a trampoline because safety was not considered.

Here’s a fun short video of some kids doing tricks on a trampoline.

Why Should You Buy a Trampoline?

These days, most kids would much rather play video games, use the computer or watch TV. An outdoor trampoline will encourage them to play outdoors and ensure they will get that much needed vitamin D. You won’t have to worry about your children going far and getting lost either as they will only be in the back garden.

Not all kids like sports activities as it means having to learn certain skills or follow the rules of the sport. With a kids trampoline, it is just a matter of jumping but skills and techniques can be learned too.

Children will find that a jumping frame is so much more fun and they can get some exercise at the same time too. Adults can join in on the fun as well.

There are many benefits to using a trampoline for adults and children. These include:

  • Mental Health: Endorphins are released during jumping which will make you laugh and smile as you feel happy. Not only that, it relieves stress, anxiety and wards off depression as you feel more relaxed and carefree with regular bouncing sessions.
  • Enhances Your Sense of Balance: You are more aware of where your centre of gravity is on a trampoline which forces you into staying balanced at all times.
  • Cardiovascular Health: Your heart gets a good workout as your heart rate is increased.
  • Joints,Tendons and Ligaments Become Stronger: These are strengthened with each session which helps to lessen your chances of some forms of arthritis in the future.
  • Helps With Flexibility: Jumping helps to strengthen and lengthen your muscles which will improve your flexibility.
  • Bone Density is Improved: Regular and light exercise will give your bones slight stress which helps to strengthen your bones. In the long run, this will help to prevent bone disease and osteoporosis.

Adults can use a bouncer for exercise workouts whilst providing some enjoyment to the workout. Some people dislike exercise and having using this workout method will make exercise less daunting.

It’s a low-impact aerobic exercise which aids in weight loss. With just 10 minutes, you can burn a lot more calories than you would in 30 minutes of jogging time.

Best Outdoor Trampolines

Educational Impact

A trampoline can also impact kids educationally which includes:

  • Better Learning Skills: A trampoline helps children to learn to control their body movements which require muscle control and coordination skills. This can help them to pick up other skills too.
  • Motor Skills Development: When jumping, your child’s brain and body is forced to work together for them to maintain their balance and coordination which helps to increase motor skills.
  • Teaches Persistence: Encourages your child to keep practising specific skills on the trampoline until they get it right.

It is understandable if you are worried about how safe your child will be on a trampoline. Kids are always hurting themselves when they play, run, walk or jump!

It’s hard to prevent your child from every accident but this can be prevented when your child is on a trampoline.

Other than keeping a watchful eye on them, there’s the option to use netted enclosures made from soft nylon which surrounds the edge of the jumping frame. This prevents your child from jumping off the edge so they will only fall against the net.

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