Top 5 Best Teapots With Infusers Reviewed

Organic and healthy herbal drink from ancient history.

Top 5 Best Teapots With Infusers Reviewed UK

Top 5 Best Teapots With Infusers Reviewed UK

We all love a brew to relax and wind down whether it’s to in the morning to start the day off, during that 3pm slump or at the end of a long day. Making a cuppa with a tea bag is quick but it doesn’t give tea its best flavour. Using loose tea leaves makes the perfect tea whether it’s English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green tea or Rooibos. It’s best done with a teapot with an infuser to give a rich and deep full flavour of the tea.

Besides giving a much better taste of tea, infusing loose tea leaves has no chemicals in it and creates less environmental waste as it can be reused several times. It doesn’t take as much time as you think and using some of the best teapots with infusers of 2017 can help to make the perfect brew.

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Our 5 Best Teapots With Infusers Reviewed

VonShef Tetsubin Teapot With Infuser Review

5. VonShef Tetsubin Teapot With Infuser

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the VonShef Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot - £24.99

  • Made from Cast Iron – Heat is distributed evenly as well as keeping the water warm for longer.
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Insert keeps its shape in hot water and it’s removable for easy cleaning.
  • Movable Handle can be held upwards so the teapot can be lifted up for easy pouring and then left hanging to the side so it’s out of the way.
  • 2 Year Warranty

Inspired by the Japanese with its traditional black hobnail design, the VonShef Tetsubin Teapot Infuser adds a touch of elegance and culture to your kitchen and table when it comes to drinking tea. It makes you think of a tranquil and calm atmosphere which is exactly what tea drinking is all about.

With its cast iron construction, it’s heavy but it feels sturdy. It has a 0.8L capacity which is quite generous as it can serve 2-3 cups of English tea or up to 8 small Japanese cups of herbal tea.

Loose tea leaves are placed in the removable stainless steel mesh infuser for steeping. The mesh on the infuser is quite fine but as it’s quite short, the teapot needs to be filled to the top so the tea leaves can come in contact with the water.

You can safely hold the teapot without risk of burning your hand with the large and wide handle and tea pours out quite nicely without spitting from its spout. The only problem is that the spout is quite thin so you will need a thin brush to clean inside it. Other than that, it’s a pretty good teapot but just enough to use for 2 or 3 people which is great for small households.


Bodum ASSAM Tea Maker Pot With Infuser Review

4. Bodum ASSAM Tea Maker Pot

OUR RATING 4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Bodum ASSAM Tea Maker - £26.74

  • French Press Brewing System uses a plunger to press tea leaves down to prevent tea from getting too strong.
  • Precision Pouring – The silicone rim secures the filter on to prevent the lid and filter from falling out when pouring.
  • Large Capacity – Has a 1.0 L water capacity which can make 3 large cups of tea.
  • A Variety of Colours Available including black, lime green, red and off white.

Made from heat resistant borosilicate glass, the Bodum Assam Tea Maker Pot has a simple style to it with the one colour handle and lid that’s available in a few different colours. The maximum capacity for this is 1.0 L which is enough to make 3 – 4 cups of milk tea.

This glass teapot is designed with a plastic infuser which has a silicone plunger on the lid similar to a French Press so you can control the process of tea steeping.

Once the tea has been steeped long enough, the plunger is pushed down to hold the tea leaves down at the bottom preventing any more flavour from seeping out. This also helps to preserve the flavour of the tea leaves so it can be used again and again. The infuser is quite big but the holes stop halfway so you would need to fill up half the teapot to allow the water to touch the tea leaves.

During pouring, there’s no concern about the lid coming off thanks to the silicone rim which helps to secure the lid in place. It’s pretty safe to hold for pouring too as the thick handle is plastic coated and it’s very wide so even big hands can comfortably fit around it.

Overall, it’s quite a classy teapot despite the plastic infuser and it’s not too expensive. The size is decent and the concept of the French Press for tea works very well to give you the taste you want.


Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Glass Teapot With Infuser Review

3. Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Glass Teapot With Infuser

OUR RATING 4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Glass Teapot - £35.00

  • Japanese Glassware – Delicate and light making it easy to hold whilst pouring.
  • Large Tea Strainer has enough space for tea leaves to expand.
  • Available in 2 Sizes – Comes in a 300ml or 700ml capacity.

From one of Japan’s leading brands in heat resistant glassware comes the Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Glass Teapot with Infuser that lets you see the wonderful colour of your tea as it brews.

This teapot is available in a 1 cup capacity of 300ml ideal for one person or a 4 cup capacity of 700ml which can make 3 mugs of tea. The lid knob and handle is also glass but it’s thickened making it cool to the touch so it can be safely handled.

The strainer is removable and made from stainless steel mesh which is quite fine and is useful in preventing those annoying bits of tea leaves from getting into the teapot.

The deep and large size of the strainer allows tea leaves to fully expand with room for water to flow freely through to extract more flavour. However this means you will need to take out the leaves quickly once it’s time otherwise you end up with a stronger brew.

Instead of a long spout design, it’s a small but wide spout designed as part of the rim which pours out smoothly without leaking. Although the glass teapot is light, it’s quite sturdy as it withstands boiling hot water safely but as with all things glass, it should be handled with care when cleaning. This teapot is well made and it doesn’t stain like other glass teapots either. It’s a high quality teapot without costing you a lot of money.


For Life Stump Teapot With Infuser Review

2. For Life Stump

OUR RATING 4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the For Life Stump Teapot With Infuser - £22.66

  • Porcelain Build – Lightweight, can be cleaned in the dishwasher and keeps your tea warmer for a longer time.
  • Flip Lid makes it easy and safe to open with a flip of the lid by the handle.
  • Stackable – Allows for teapots to stack on top of each other or for cups to be stacked on top.
  • Removable Strainer makes cleaning inside the teapot and the strainer hassle free.

The For Life Stump Teapot is made from lead-free glazed porcelain and a stainless steel flip lid that makes it easy for you to open the lid with your thumb whilst holding the teapot. Its construction feels sturdy with the lid fitted securely on and it’s quite light as well. The short spout is wide and pours well without dripping everywhere. With the fill capacity of 510ml, you can get 2 decent sized cups of tea from it.

Inside is a stainless steel infuser pot that can be easily removed with the cleverly designed handle. Although the infuser isn’t made of fine mesh like some of the best teapots with infusers, there’s a lot of tiny holes neatly lined up that enables the water to flow through quite well.

Bits from the tea leaves can’t get through those holes either. It’s smaller than other infusers but given the capacity of the teapot, it’s enough for the amount of tea leaves to be used.

With a basic design, the teapot looks quite boring but you can jazz it up with your own tea cosy as well as prolonging the warmth of your tea. The quality is pretty good and it’s one of the best prices for a teapot with infuser that can retain the heat in your tea longer than other teapots.


Sabichi 750 ml Glass Teapot with Infuser Review

1. Sabichi 750ml Glass Teapot with Infuser

OUR RATING 4.8 out of 5 stars

Buy the Sabichi 750ml Glass Teapot - £17.99

  • Stainless Steel Mirror Finish looks elegant and stylish.
  • Solid Stainless Steel Strainer – It’s more durable as the shape stays intact no matter how many times it’s been washed.
  • 750 ml Fill Capacity – Enough to make 2-3 cups of tea.

With a contemporary look, the Sabichi 750 ml Glass Teapot with Infuser is designed stylishly with a stainless steel bottom half that attaches to a sleek and curved open handle with a matching stainless steel lid. As the glass is made from heat resistant borosilicate glass, this means it can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Fitting nicely inside is the solid stainless steel strainer that’s evenly dotted with tiny holes and a handle making it easy to remove for cleaning. Its solid body prevents tea particles from getting stuck in its holes which usually happens with metal mesh so it won’t ruin the taste of your next tea.

The spout is short and designed as part of the rim so it doesn’t take up much room when it’s stored away. It pours well enough but if the teapot is overfilled, it dribbles a bit at first.

Tea stays pretty hot for quite a while but the metal base does get pretty hot so you may want to put it on a coaster if you don’t want to damage your table. Luckily, the handle doesn’t get hot and due to its wide gap away from the body, you can safely hold it without risk of burning your hand. For the price, it’s a good little teapot that brews well, looks expensive and has a high quality construction.

Buyer’s Guide For Teapots With Infusers

Here are some of the things you should consider when buying an infuser teapot:


What the teapot is constructed out of. This can range from a variety of materials but all are suitable for use with boiling hot water. These materials can include:

  • Stainless Steel – The exterior can be hot to touch but it’s usually made with plastic coated materials for the handle or lid so it can be handled safely. Some can be used as a stovetop kettle as well but it can leave burn marks at the bottom.
  • Cast Iron – Has similarities to stainless steel but with this metal, it’s heavier.
  • Glass – Reinforced to prevent shattering and to withstand boiling hot water. It’s made with other materials as well for safety and ease of use.
  • Ceramic – Retains heat better than any other material. It’s also more durable and more aesthetically pleasing as you can get so many designs and sizes.
  • Porcelain – Falls under the same ceramic material but it’s thinner which makes it more delicate.
  • Silver Plated – Made of metal and silver plated to give it an antique look. They’re less common as they can get quite expensive.


This is how much water the teapot can hold. The more it can hold, the more cups of tea you can make from it.

Loose Tea Leaves Strainer
A typical tea strainer to filter loose tea leaves.

Infuser/Strainer Quality

This is where the loose tea leaves are put in for infusing. Infusers can come in a plastic or metal mesh material. To prevent tea particles from escaping into the teapot, choose one with a fine mesh.

The infuser should also have enough room for water to flow through and for the tea leaves to expand to allow the flavour to seep out. It’s best to get a teapot with a removable infuser pot as it makes washing up easier.


You can get teapots in a variety of designs from modern to retro but not all materials can be styled. Cast iron teapots are usually designed in a Japanese style but you won’t get some decorative pattern on it. A glass teapot with an infuser just have the transparent look so you can see the colour of your tea which most tea lovers like. If you want pattern or colour to your infuser teapot, it’s only ceramic teapots that can give you this.

Ease of Handling

Teapots will typically be designed with a handle to make pouring and carrying the teapot easy. Most handles are usually coated with a heatproof material to make it safe to carry. You might want to consider checking the handle is wide enough to comfortably hold without burning your hand on the teapot itself.

How to Brew Loose Tea Leaves

Watch the follow video to learn how to brew a great tasting tea with loose tea leaves.

14 Tips On How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

Making a cup of tea should be easy but you’d be surprised with the amount of people that get it wrong. Here’s some tips on how you can get the best brew using a teapot with an infuser.

1. Stop Using Tea Bags

The flavour of the tea comes out bland, harsh and of low quality. You can’t re-steep tea bags whereas you can do this with tea leaves. They’re also often mixed with fake chemical flavourings so what you’re tasting isn’t real tea.

2. Make Sure Your Teapot is Clean

Before you do anything, check your teapot is free from tea stains, tea leaf particles and anything else. Using a dirty teapot will create limescale or scummy bits within your tea and alter its taste as well as quality. To ensure your teapot doesn’t stain, wash it out immediately with hot soapy water after each use.

3. Use Freshly Filtered Water

Tap and mineral water contain a lot of natural minerals and chemicals which can alter how your tea tastes. Ensure that you draw fresh cold water through your filter ready for boiling.

4. Use the Right Amount of Tea Leaves

Adding the proper amount of tea leaves required per person will ensure the perfect intensity of the tea flavour is extracted. Too much will give a strong taste that can be too overpowering especially in delicate teas. Most packaged tea leaves will come with instructions so it’s best to follow these.

5. Measure Out the Correct Amount of Water

Same as using the right amount of tea leaves, the correct volume of water needs to be precisely measured as well.

6. Give Tea Leaves Some Room

To ensure the full flavour of tea is brought out, choose an infuser teapot that gives plenty of room for tea to freely flow through the water. This isn’t possible with tea bags, small tea infusion balls and infuser baskets with a few holes.

7. Prepare With the Right Temperature

Each type of tea requires a different temperature to bring out its true flavour. For example, delicate flavoured teas such as green and jasmine needs a cooler temperature of around 80 degrees celcius but black teas and herbal teas like peppermint need 100 degrees celcius. The best way to check is with a food thermometer.

8. Maintain the Temperature

Whilst your tea is brewing, it’s important to keep the water at the perfect temperature to ensure the full flavour of the tea is extracted. If you thought a tea cosy was just for some quirky teapot dress up, that’s only partly true as it actually helps to maintain the tea temperature for a bit longer.

9. Don’t Re-boil Your Water

Doing so will cause the loss of oxygen and leave your tea flat and dull with a horrible metallic taste.

10. Learn to Steep Your Tea

Each variety of tea has a different brewing time to get it to the right flavour. Over-steeping some teas can cause a bitter taste. Delicate teas usually need a short brewing time of a minute or less but the optimal brewing time for black tea is around 2 minutes. Once the time is up, make sure you remove the strainer to stop anymore flavour seeping out.

11. Add the Milk Last

This is usually added with black tea due to its stronger flavour. Why anyone ever adds milk in first before the tea is beyond me. Always add the milk at the end as it’s easier to judge how strong your tea will be with the colour.

12. Drink From the Right Cup

Most overlooked when it comes to getting the perfect brew is which cup to use. Most people commonly drink from ceramic cups but they cool your tea down quite quickly so it alters the taste. The best material cup to drink from is porcelain as it keeps the flavour of the tea at its best.

13. Wait For the Ideal Drinking Temperature

Allowing the tea to cool for 5 to 6 minutes will give the perfect drinking temperature of 85°C. You will be able to properly enjoy its flavour without burning your mouth and ruining your tastebuds.

14. Store Loose Tea Leaves Away

These should kept in a sealed jar to prevent them from absorbing smells and moisture which can spoil the flavour. It’s also kept fresh this way.

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