Top 5 Best Swimmable Mermaid Tails Comparison

Helps kids learn how to swim while having fun!

Top 5 Best Swimmable Mermaid Tails

Turn normal swimming sessions into fun filled Disney-like adventures in the water. A swimmable mermaid tail is not only exciting particularly for children, but they also help them learn how to swim. Here are 5 of the best swimmable mermaid tails.

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Includes Monofin

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Looking for another way where your kids can have fun and exercise outdoors? Check out these popular trampolines for children and adults alike.

Mermaid Tails for Swimming
A variety of swimmable mermaid tails by Fin Fun. They encourage swimming and improves certain swimming techniques.

How to Buy a Swimmable Mermaid Tail

If you’re confused about swimmable mermaid tails, then read the following guide on how to buy one.


Mermaid tails come in a variety of beautiful designs in mythical and magical colours. Each one is unique and designed with realistic looking scales and fins for that genuine mermaid look to ensure children’s underwater fantasy is fulfilled. If your child is not a fan of the scaly look, the tails also come in lovely shimmery colours as well.

The monofin comes in a variety of bright colours and most are designed with a foot strap which allows for the feet to be quickly released from the fin when needed.

The monofin is inserted into the mermaid tail for swimming but not all will fit into the tails. Only monofins designed to the similar shape of the mermaid tail will fit in. Some brands will sell the mermaid tail and monofin as one which fits perfectly but check to make sure the fin can be removed.


The sizes for swimmable mermaid tails are largely available for children but some manufacturers will have sizes available for adults as well. Children sizes go by age range according to measurements for waist circumference, height and waist to ankle length.

All manufacturers should have a size chart listed with these which will ensure the correct size is bought so it is best to refer to this when buying.

As the material of the mermaid swim tails stretch, it is worth noting that they will usually stretch 3-5cm beyond given measurements. So there is no need to buy the next size up if you find the measurements are at the highest end.

Monofins will fit according to shoe sizes. They are usually designed to fit a range of shoe sizes such as sizes 1-6 for children. Adults within this shoe size range can also fit these monofins.


Swimmable mermaid tails are made with swimwear fabric which is of lyrca and chlorine resistant materials. This enables flexibility as the fabric stretches and will not be effected with chlorine when your child is wearing it in the swimming pool.

The fabric should also be lightweight and will not get heavy when wet to ensure the mermaid tail does not weigh your child down.

It is best to check the manufacturers care instructions for the mermaid swim tails to ensure it lasts a long time. For example, some manufacturers state the tails should be hand washed only. You may want to check how the tail will look when the monofin is inserted to ensure the fabric does not look overstretched.

The monofins are usually made with silicone which is soft, lightweight and comfortable as it is similar to a rubber material. This material is quite flexible but make sure that you get a fin that is fairly rigid to ensure it will help give a powerful movement for your child when they are swimming with it.

Girl Swimming With Mermaid Tail
Swimmable mermaid tails are very safe providing it has the right design.


Avoid thick fins which can make swimmable mermaid tails look overly big and ruin the mermaid look making it look less realistic. A thick fin also tends to be heavy which can weigh the user down in the water.

Make sure you get a mermaid tail with a bottom that can be opened for easy access to the feet due to safety reasons.

It also means the monofin will be easier to insert and remove with the quick release foot straps. It may be worth checking and testing how easy it is to remove the monofin with the foot straps before going into the water.

With an open bottom mermaid swim tail, this allows the user to be able to walk in it as well. Check to see that the tail wrapped around the user’s legs is not tight to prevent them from falling or slipping.

Not all manufacturers will make mermaid tails with open bottoms, ones that don’t, require the monofin to be inserted from the top to fit at the bottom. Not only will it be impossible to remove the monofin in the event of an emergency but this can also stretch the fabric of the tail thus damaging it.

It is worth checking out the website Planet Mermaid and the brand Fin Fun as their mermaid tails have open bottoms.

The swimmable mermaid tail requires children to have swimming experience. It is best they learn and practice the dolphin kick method with just the monofin first.

Manufacturers should provide a safety guide with the tails or on their website. An adult should always be around supervising children using the tails as well.

Watch this short video by Fin Fun on how to use a swimmable memaid tail.

What is a Swimmable Mermaid Tail?

A swimmable mermaid tail is designed to make mermaid and merman dreams in the Merkingdom a reality for children and adults. It enables the user to fall into an underwater fantasy world safely. This tends to be geared more towards children but adults will usually wear the mermaid tail for fancy dress.

To complete the whole mermaid look, a matching bikini or tankini top can be worn with the mermaid tail. These items are all made with swimwear fabric.

A large flipper called a monofin (also known as a swimfin) is inserted into the mermaid tail to reinforce it and allow the user to swim in it. The monofin is shaped like the fin on the mermaid tail and is designed to fit both feet in.

The monofin is available for purchase separately which is ideal if the mermaid costume will not be used in water or if it is to replace the fin only. It can also be worn on its own as a training aid before being worn with the mermaid tails. The option to purchase just the monofin is ideal for boys as they can wear this with shark fins if they do not want to be a merman.

Swimmable mermaid tails give children water confidence and strength which helps to improve their swimming skills and makes them stronger swimmers. Not only that, it encourages enthusiasm for swimming which is good exercise. It is simple to use the swimtails as the user will just need to kick their legs with the fin and swim. However, children should have good swimming experience before using this.

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