Top 5 Best Portable Fan Heaters Comparison

Heat up any room in your home efficiently.

If you want to keep warm during these cold months without ending up with a hefty bill, then a portable fan heater is a great solution for small rooms. Because of its portable size, it can be easily transported to any section of your home to heat it up. Here are 5 of the best portable fan heaters (read our summarized reviews here).

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Our Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Room Size22m²30m²N/AN/AN/A
Power1800 Watts2500 WattsN/A2000 Watts2000 Watts
Variable Thermostat
Heat Settings23To the degree22
Safety Features• Overheat Protection
• Tip Over Protection
• Safeguard System
(Heat Indicator)
• Overheat Protection
• Tip Over Protection
• Frostwatch Protection
• Safeguard System
(Heat Indicator)
Tip Over Protection
• Overheat Protection
• Frostwatch Protection
• Overheat Protection
• Frostwatch Protection
Remote Control
Cord Length1.6 metres1.8 metres1.8 metres1.7 metres1.5 metres
Dimensions29.5 x 18 x 27 cm21.2 x 29.2 x 47.6 cm59.5 cm (height)24.5 x 25.3 x 11.4 cm25 x 12 x 24 cm
Warranty3 years3 years2 years3 years1 year

Investing in a Portable Fan Heater

Winter is coming so it’s a good time to prepare for the cold weather. No doubt your boiler will break down at some point during this time of year like usual unless your home uses electric heating from an immersion heater and you have the bills to think of too! So be smart and invest in one of the best portable fan heaters which you can benefit from because:

  • The running costs are cheaper than gas or oil
  • It can be used in any room whether it’s big or small
  • Rooms are kept warmer for a longer period of time even after the fan heater is switched off
  • Doesn’t have to be used just for the home, it’s also ideal to be taken on trips especially when it’s camping or in a caravan.
  • It can be placed close to you so you don’t have to adjust or move from your comfortable position
  • There’s no need to install, simply plug it in and turn it on

Advantages of Portable Fan Heaters

A lot of the newer portable fan heaters are pretty stylish compared to the traditional plastic and bulky ones from the past. However, modern ones have been redesigned with glossy flame resistant exteriors which looks quite cool in a modern home filled with tech gadgets. There are better features too so you should look for things such as:

However, these are not the only reasons why some people prefer small fan heaters over other types of portable heaters:

  • Efficient heating – rooms heat up faster than other portable heaters such as oil filled radiators. Fan heaters usually take about 3 to 5 minutes depending on the room size.
  • Size and weight – the small size and lighter weight makes it easier to carry from room to room, to take away on short national trips or for student accommodation. Some will have a carry handle too.
  • Storage – it’s easier to store away anywhere since it doesn’t take up much storage space.
  • Pricing – the cost of buying a small fan heater is three times cheaper than other portable heaters.
  • Running costs – as fan heaters heat up quicker and keeps the room warm for longer, it doesn’t need to stay on for long so it doesn’t use as much electricity to run.
  • Oscillating function – the best portable fan heaters will have an oscillating feature so it can direct heat around the room instead of focusing the heat in one area.
  • Versatile – some have a cool air setting so it can be used as a cooling fan in hotter months as well.

Not all portable fan heaters will have the same functions though they operate very similarly. Other features in a fan heater such as energy efficiency or cool air blow feature are also highly desired. You can read more about each of our top 5 models in our summarized portable fan heater reviews.

Dyson's Portable Fan Heater AM09
The Dyson AM09 is a popular but expensive portable fan heater that packs more tech than most other models.

What is a Portable Fan Heater?

There are several types of portable heaters and each one works differently to each other. Some are powered by fuel or some other type of heating source.

With a small electric fan heater, it works similarly to an electric fan but instead of blowing out cold air, it blows out hot air over a heating element within the device and heats up the surrounding air in the room.

It also looks like an electric fan with the fan blades which are sealed within a casing with wide slits. However the gaps are more narrow slits in fan heaters.

Small fan heaters will have the same whirring noise like electric fans so it can get pretty noisy but this is usually the case with cheaper fan heaters. However, some of the best portable fan heaters are so quiet that it’s barely noticeable and a few are fairly reasonably priced which portable fan heater reviews will tell you.

Portable Heater Safety Tips

Portable heaters function differently to installed heating systems. What we can do with installed radiators such as hanging clothes there to dry cannot be done with a portable fan heater. The only thing they have in common with each other is that it heats up.

Extra care needs to be taken with electric fan heaters due to the live electric parts inside which aren’t sealed up externally so you should consider some safety tips to follow:

  • No covering – it’s dangerous to hang things over a portable heater when it’s on in case the item gets pulled into the fan blades.
  • Avoid using in wet conditions – you should keep the fan heater as far as possible away from where water could potentially splash or seep into the fan heater.
  • Avoid using in humid conditions – there’s a risk of overheating which will lead to the heater short circuiting and cause a fire.
  • Keep out of reach from small fingers – young children can potentially stick their fingers or small objects in between the gaps of the fan heater.
  • Keep in an upright position – if the fan heater is knocked over and face down on the surface, place it back in its upright position immediately because it can overheat or damage the surface.
  • Always follow the safety procedures – there should be instructions included on how to safely use your fan heater which you should read and follow before use.

Some of the best portable fan heaters are pretty safe as it will have safety features installed such as a thermal fuse to disconnect the heating element within so it automatically shuts off when overheating occurs or if it’s tipped over.

However, it doesn’t hurt to take extra precautions as one should with all electrical devices just in case the safety features fail.

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