Top 5 Best Foot Creams Reviewed

Get rid of hard skin and prevent cracked heels.

Top 5 Best Foot Creams Reviewed

Top 5 Best Foot Creams Reviewed

Most of us have experienced dry, hardened skin at least once in our lifetime. If you have an active lifestyle, like running or walking long distances, you are more likely to develop dry or cracked skin. You can prevent it by exfoliating and moisturising your feet daily with creams or lotions.

Some of the best foot creams for hard skin not only contain deep penetrating properties and reduce formation of dead cells, but also effectively restore your skin’s natural elasticity.

How Hard and Dry Skin Develops

Hard skin, calluses and corns develop predominantly on your feet, around the heel area and the balls of your feet. This thickened, yellowed skin is a formation of dead skin cells. Hard skin is caused by an excessive pressure or friction when the skin repeatedly rubs against something like a shoe or ground.

Although it’s nothing serious, it can turn into an infection if you leave it untreated. With a little help, you can bring relief to your feet and maintain a healthy moisture balance.

Our 5 Best Foot Creams Reviewed

LCN Urea 40% Chapped Skin Cream Review

5. LCN Urea 40% Chapped Skin Cream

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the LCN Urea Chapped Skin Cream - £9.12

  • High content of urea and hyaluronic acid that effectively treat callused skin on your feet
  • Contains bees wax that reinforces skin nourishment and calming Panthenol for soothing hardened skin
  • An excellent non-oily formula that hydrates your skin with instantly visible effects
  • Provides optimum results when applied overnight, leaving your feet soft and silky

LCN’s Urea 40% Chapped Skin Cream is considered to be one of the best foot creams for cracked heels thanks to the amazing properties of its main ingredient, urea. Urea is a natural compound that restores natural moisture balance of your skin, leaving it soft and supple. When rubbed onto the skin, it penetrates into the inner skin layers, absorbs and retains water, resulting in increased overall skin hydration.

Anyone who trains a lot or stands all day on their feet knows the importance of having healthy feet. Massaging your feet with this cream before bedtime will provide optimum results, making your skin silky and noticeably softer by the morning. One of the active ingredients, Panthenol, contains soothing and calming properties that will relax your stressed and sore feet.  

LCN’s Urea 40% Chapped Skin Cream is lightweight and easy to apply. The formula is non-greasy and has been enriched with anti-inflammatory sage, hyaluronic acid and bees wax that nourish your skin. This cream provides visible results within the first few days, effectively rehydrating and rebuilding healthy skin cells. Using this cream regularly will prevent skin callus build-up and keep your feet in check.


CCS Foot Care Cream Review

4. CCS Foot Care Cream

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the CCS Foot Care Cream - £6.57

  • Free from lanolin formula that effectively smooths and rejuvenates dry and cracked skin on your feet
  • 1 foot cream in Sweden that is used by chiropodists and podiatrists thanks to its high efficacy
  • Provides long-lasting and cumulative effects leaving your skin supple and preventing further skin problems

CCS Foot Care Cream is an effective moisturiser that lets you stay in control of the dry and cracked skin on your feet. This cream ranks number 1 in Sweden for being the best foot cream used for dry skin. Chiropodists and podiatrists recommend it because of the active ingredients found in the formula that effectively provides relief to dry and damaged feet.

The unique composition of ingredients provides long-lasting and cumulative effects on your skin. CCS Foot Care Cream contains urea, glycerine and eucalyptus known for its soothing and moisturising properties. This cream will effectively soften the hardened and dry skin on your feet and keep them silky smooth. The results are visible shorter after a single application. After several uses, the skin becomes supple and rejuvenated.

The cream is free from lanolin and has thick consistency, making it easy to apply and stay on your feet also during daytime. Repeated application proves to be very effective for combating more advanced conditions of dry and cracked heels, especially if combined with exfoliation. Frequent application will not only restore skin’s hydration but also prevent dry skin from recurring in the long term.


Marble Hill Pedisalve Total Footcare Review

3. Marble Hill Pedisalve Total Footcare

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Marble Hill Pedisalve Total Footcare - £10.99

  • Natural foot cream that effectively removes corn, callus, cracked soles, dry cuticles and painful fissures
  • This premium quality foot balm provides remedy to people suffering from diabetes
  • Concentrated formula that melts into massaging oil works well also on aching joints and muscles
  • Made with the formula that is free from any additives and is Vegan friendly

Marble Hill Pedisalve Total Footcare is a multipurpose, highly effective foot balm used by doctors, sports enthusiasts, diabetics and Vegans. Pedisalve is praised for its healing properties and pure form. This product has been made with Fair Trade ingredients and is free from chemical irritants, essential oils or lanolin. It is also odour-free, Vegan friendly and suitable for diabetics that require healthy foot maintenance.

PediSalve comes in pure, solid form and is never diluted by chemical additives or water, making it safe to use between toes. This foot balm is incredibly efficient and cost-effective thanks to its concentrated, solid consistency when kept in the jar. When applied onto the skin, the cream melts almost instantly to the massage oil. It softens and hydrates damaged skin, leaving it silky soft and supple.

Marble Hill Pedisalve Total Footcare is highly recommended by chiropodists and podiatrists for its premium moisturising properties and suppleness. This premium quality foot balm is not only one of the best foot creams for cracked heels, corns and calluses, but it works wonders on sore fissures, dry cuticles, brittle nails and effectively combats fungal infections.

Reflexologists and surgeons use it for pre-operative skin conditioning, problems with circulation as well as sore joints and muscles. Runners, cyclists, hikers and other sport lovers use this foot balm to find relief from blisters, calluses, fungal infections, joint and muscle pain after exposure to cold and windy weather conditions. Regular use will prevent your skin from hardening and cracking and provide sufficient long-term hydration muscle protection.


Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Nourishing Foot Cream Review

2. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Nourishing Foot Cream

OUR RATING 4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula - £5.00

  • Non-greasy and non-staining formula that allows you to use this cream during day and night
  • Provides 24 moisturising thanks to glycerine-enriched formula that soothes dry and sore skin
  • Lightweight and non-sticky texture provides cushioning effect, leaving your skin smoother for longer

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Nourishing Foot Cream has been designed to provide 24 hour hydration and relief to the chapped skin on your feet. The long-lasting soothing properties provide cushioning support to the damaged skin whilst keeping it moisturised.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Nourishing Foot Cream is rated as one of the best foot creams for dry skin thanks to its high efficiency and reasonable price point and never compromising on the cream’s premium quality. This effective foot cream has been enriched with Panthenol and glycerine for pain relief and soothing properties and Allantoin for deeper penetration into thicker skin parts.

Your feet will immediately feel the difference even after the first application. Thanks to its non-greasy and non-sticky texture and glycerine-enriched formula, you can feel comfortable day and night. This cream has been dermatologically tested and can also be applied to other dry areas like elbows or chapped hands.


O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet Foot Cream Review

1. O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream

OUR RATING 4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the OKeeffe Healthy Feet Foot Cream - £5.66

  • High content of glycerine that absorbs and retains moisture, leaving your skin hydrated
  • Contains Allantoin for deeper penetration into rougher and thicker layers of your cracked feet
  • Oil-free and hypoallergenic formula that is suitable for diabetics

O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream has been made for those who are looking for relief from chronically dry skin and cracking feet. Thanks to its natural composition, it is ideal for diabetics who need superior foot maintenance. The results are noticeable within first use, leaving even severely damaged skin on your feet distinctly softer and nourished.

This cream is concentrated, making it last a long longer than other creams. Its formula has been enriched with Allantoin that successfully protects your skin from damage caused by friction and removes dead skin cells.

Made using oil-free ingredients, this cream is also odour-free and hypoallergenic, making it suitable for people with diabetes.

This is probably one of the better ones, if not the best foot cream for hard skin that is safe to use for diabetics and you will be surprised with more-than-expected results. The high content of glycerine, a component responsible for absorbing and retaining required moisture levels, creating healthy looking and hydrated skin on your feet. For optimal results, exfoliate your feet with a file and apply O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream shortly after.

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