Top 5 Best Energy Efficient Eco Kettles Reviewed

Boils water fast while using energy efficiently.

Top 5 Best Energy Efficient Eco Kettles Reviewed

Top 5 Best Energy Efficient Eco Kettles Reviewed

Investing in an energy efficient kettle can help both your household and the planet. A good kettle is something most of us just can’t live without, in constant use throughout the day. So choosing a greener model which uses less electricity will contribute to lower bills and cut your carbon footprint. But which is the best eco kettle for you?

Here are summarized reviews of our top 5 best energy saving eco kettles of 2017. Scroll down further to read what makes an eco kettle energy efficient.

Our 5 Best Energy Efficient Eco Kettles Reviewed

Russell Hobbs 20460 Buckingham Energy Efficient Eco Kettle Review

5. Russell Hobbs 20460 Buckingham

OUR RATING 4.1 out of 5 stars

Buy the Russell Hobbs 20460 Buckingham - £33.75

  • Quiet boil technology allows you to boil at any time without disturbance
  • Boils a single cup in 45 seconds saving you precious time in the mornings before you start your day
  • Lights up when the water has boiled notifying you immediately
  • Double water window design so you can easily see how much water there is inside

If you want to boil a kettle without disturbing others in the house or waking up sleeping children, this could be the ideal model for you. It has been specially constructed to boil quietly, with high-tech features keeping the bubbles smaller. This dramatically cuts down noise, by up to 75% compared to some older models.

As well as boiling quietly, the Russell Hobbs 20460 also operates fast. Its innovative rapid boil function means that a single cup can be brought to boiling point in just 45 seconds. You will find it simple to pour in just the amount of water needed, since the water windows on both sides of the kettle means you can check the level at a glance. The levels for 1, 2 and 3 cups are all clearly marked, but it also has a large 1.7 litre capacity.

This elegant energy saving kettle has a brushed stainless steel exterior which will tone well with work surfaces of any colour. It also has a blue ring which lights up once the water is boiled, giving a high-tech look. The 20460 has a spout designed for smooth pouring, avoiding splashes. The push-to-open lid also makes it possible to fill the kettle easily using just one hand.


Philips HD4644/00 Energy Efficient Eco Kettle Review

4. Philips HD4644/00

OUR RATING4.2 out of 5 stars

Buy the Philips HD4644/00 - Price not available

  • Single cup indicator for times when you need a quick cup of tea just for yourself
  • Uses up to 66% less energy than a traditional kettle
  • Cord storage in the kettle’s base for tidier transportation
  • Dual action filter for clearer water and better maintenance of the kettle

Boiling just the water that you need is simple with this model, thanks to its clearly-marked single cup indicator. This makes it a more environmentally-friendly choice for your kitchen, which is estimated to use only around a third of the power used by a conventional kettle.

The water can be boiled very quickly because of the flat heating element, which effectively speeds up the operation of this kettle. This design feature also makes it easier to clean the kettle. Another eco-friendly aspect of this model is a filter which helps to prevent build-up of limescale while at the same time keeping the water clear.

With a stylish white body and grey trim, this kettle looks modern and has been built for ease of use. Its cord can be stored away in the base, and it has a pilot light which shows when it is switched on. For ease of use, it has a 360-degree pirouette base, while the lid is simple to open and close and the spout pours smoothly.


Philips HD4671/20 Energy Efficient Eco Kettle Review

3. Philips HD4671/20

OUR RATING4.2 out of 5 stars

Buy the Philips HD4671/20 - Price not available

  • Single cup indicator for when you want to make a cup of coffee for yourself only, saving energy
  • Locking and cool lid for extra safety
  • Double water filter helps to provide clear water and a cleaner kettle
  • Cord storage in the base to keep the kitchen counter tidy

This kettle shares a number of features with the Philips HD4644, including the easy-to-read water level indicator. This makes it simple and quick to boil just one cup of water at a time rather than heating more than you need, reducing impact on the environment.

The kettle’s body is made from brushed metal, giving it a high-tech appearance which will go well with all types of kitchen decor.

An emphasis has been put on safety in its design, with a lid which locks shut, so there is no risk of opening it accidentally while the water is hot. The lid also remains cool to the touch, while another safety feature is the built-in protection against boiling dry.

The kettle can easily be lifted from any angle, thanks to a 360 degree pirouette. It fits snugly into its base, which also includes storage for the cord. The concealed flat heating element makes cleaning easy, while the double action filter keeps the water clear and prevents scale building up.


Bosch TWK76033GB Village Collection Energy Efficient Eco Kettle Review

2. Bosch Village Collection

OUR RATING4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Bosch Village Collection - £16.95

  • Fast boiling action due to a powerful 3kW heating element
  • Reduced limescale build-up due to the kettle’s concealed heating element
  • Multiple safety features which includes auto shut-off, overheat boil dry protection and auto switch-off when lifted from the base.
  • Designed for easy left and right-hand operation with a 360 degree base
  • Available colours include black, cream and white

With its sleek styling and striking black body, this kettle looks ultra-modern, and this first impression is borne out by a range of high-tech features. This model has a concealed 3kW element, which means it boils water very fast. The hidden element also means it is simple to clean and reduces build-up of scale.

The kettle has an easy-to-read water level indicator, and can be filled to just 0.3 litres if you want to boil the water for a single cup. Its safety features include protection against overheating and boiling dry. There is also an automatic shut-off when the water boils or when the kettle is lifted from its base.

This model from Bosch is quieter to operate than most kettles on the market, making it a good choice if you want to avoid disturbing others. It has a flip-top lid which opens at the touch of a button, making it simple to fill, and its 360-degree swivel base means it is user-friendly for both left and right-handers.


Andrew James Lumiglo Energy Efficient Eco Kettle Review

1. Andrew James Lumiglo

OUR RATING4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Andrew James Lumiglo - £29.99

  • Extremely quiet to operate so you don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone
  • Stylish black matt finish and blue lights compliments sleek kitchens
  • Triple safety feature including non-slip feet, boil dry protection and auto cancel switch
  • 2-year guarantee without any registration required

This kettle from Andrew James Lumiglo has an impressive range of features. Despite its 3000 watt power, it is very quiet to operate. This makes it a good choice not only for the home but also for boiling up in the office.

The kettle has an 8-cup capacity but can boil just one cup in super-fast time, with a water gauge to ensure accurate filling.

The kettle’s black matt exterior and chrome trims look highly contemporary and will go well with all styles of kitchen. Another stylish feature is the glowing LED blue lights at the base when it is turned on, which give it a futuristic look. The interior is also smoothly styled, with the element concealed for fast heating and easy cleaning.

As well as looking good, the kettle has a range of features making it highly convenient to operate. It is lightweight yet sturdy, and has an ergonomically-designed lid which flips open to a full 90 degrees. Safety features include a boil-dry failsafe and a 360 degree base which has a non-slip design. If you are looking for the best eco kettle, this one could be the answer.

What Makes an Energy Efficient Eco Kettle?

One-Cup Indicators

The eco-friendly design of modern kettles allow you to boil the exact amount of water you need. A clearly-marked water level gauge makes it easy to pour in the water required for just one cup. Boiling only the water you are actually going to use keeps down costs and will also improve the quality of your drink, as tea and coffee purists say that reboiled water doesn’t taste so good.

Quick Boiling

As well as being able to boil small amounts of water, the best eco kettles will also work very fast. With some models, it is possible to pour out the water for a single cup after just 45 seconds, rather than the traditional two minutes plus. So you will be able to enjoy your hot drink without the wait.

Built-in Filters

If you live in a hard water area, limescale can build up quickly in your kettle. This will not only make it more energy-efficient as functionality of the kettle is maintained, but it also affects the taste of your tea and coffee. To reduce the need for descaling, some top models now include filters designed to keep the water clear.

Hidden Element

In old-fashioned kettles, the element can make cleaning difficult. However, an energy saving kettle typically has a flat, concealed element. This means it is much easier to clean the kettle and remove limescale build-up. Flat elements also contribute to fast boiling.

Auto Shut-Off

Kettles which take a while to cut out when they boil can waste energy. The best eco kettles will shut off as soon as boiling point is reached, avoiding this problem. This is also an important safety feature to protect users of the kettle.

Best Energy Efficient Eco Kettles Video

If you’d like to watch a quick countdown of our top 5 best energy efficient eco kettles instead, then just press play on our video below.


  1. Just a sweet little reminder, be sure to avoid putting too much water and not wasting the rest. Make it a habit to only use the amount you needed and reduce wasting water. Or store your heated water in a thermos keep your water until your next sip.

  2. G Edwards

    Very poor “review”. Other than the Philips 4644 supposed 33% less energy (nothing to back that up), there’s nothing particularly eco about any of these.

    A faster boil isn’t eco – it’s just more electricity over less time.

    These simple filters don’t stop limescale building up – they stop it coming out into your cuppa.

    Pretty much any kettle will boil one cup of water.

    Where’s the insulated kettles? Reboilling a cooled kettle is probably the single biggest energy waste

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