Top 5 Best Ceramic Fan Tower Heaters Comparison

Long lasting heat and even heat distribution.

Top 5 Best Ceramic Fan Tower Heaters

Quicker and more efficient heating, and covering a bigger space than a portable fan heater, a ceramic fan tower heater is the answer for heating up medium sized rooms. They can oscillate to cover more areas and have remote controls for convenience. Here are 5 of the best ceramic fan tower heaters for 2018 to keep you warm this winter.

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4.2 out of 5 stars
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TypeCeramic FanCeramic FanCeramic FanCeramic FanCeramic Fan
Power2000 Watts2500 Watts2000 Watts2000 Watts2000 Watts
Variable Thermostat
Heat Settings2 (15 to 35°C)22 (15 to 35°C)22
Safety FeaturesTip Over ProtectionN/A• Tip Over Protection
• Overheat Protection
Tip Over Protection• Tip Over Protection
• Overheat Protection
Remote Control
Dimensions16 x 50 x 20 cm26.3 x 26.3 x 82.5 cm22 x 15.2 x 56.3 cm20 x 20 x 78 cm23 x 21 x 60 cm
Warranty2 years1 year2 years1 year1 year

Why a Ceramic Fan Tower Heater?

As the days get colder, we’re all beginning to turn our heating on to get cosy and warm. However, with the costs of gas and electricity bills rising, more people are opting to pile on the layers of clothing instead of using the heating.

Instead of doing this, you could use one of the best ceramic fan tower heaters to bring warmth into your home. You could benefit from using this type of heating because it’s:

  • Ideal for heating one room or giving extra heat without the need to turn on the heating for the whole house so no unoccupied room is unnecessarily heated up.
  • Inexpensive to buy one
  • Doesn’t have to be installed or fixed to one area making it portable from room to room
  • Simple to use since you just need to plug it in
  • Heating can be personalised to just one spot – on you!
VonHaus Ceramic Fan Tower Heater
A ceramic fan tower heater can oscillate to eject heat in its surrounding space.

What is a Tower Heater?

Tower heaters are typically designed as cylindrical or rectangular in shape, upright and portable. Rarely any are powered by fuel in the UK. The ones here are mainly powered by electricity.

When they’re used appropriately, the running costs are quite low. There are two types tower heaters which heat up differently due to the heating element built within each one. These are:

  • Independent Fan Heaters – Fan blades are installed within a casing which is heated up when the blades turn to blow air onto an electrical heat source. The hot air is blown out through the vents in the casing to warm up the air inside a room.
  • Ceramic Fan Heaters – These have wire coils going through a ceramic plate and it heats up when a current is passed through the coils. The ceramic plates absorbs the heat which is then directed outwards into the air via a fan. This makes them excellent electrical insulators because of the well designed thermal conductivity. They also generate heat more quickly and efficiently, thus saving energy costs.

Despite the narrow or small size of ceramic fan tower heaters, they tend to give out a lot of heat. Many of the best ceramic fan tower heaters on the market today have an uber cool contemporary look and will have modern features which includes:

  • An inbuilt thermostat to detect overheating so it can automatically shut off if this happens
  • Adjustable temperature settings to control heating as well as electricity costs
  • A timer so you can programme how long you want the heating to be on

A touch control panel with menu and setting options instead of traditional buttons or dials. It also shows off its hi tech enhancement setting it apart from the old style tower heaters.

Dimplex Ceramic Tower Fan Heater
Dimplex Studio G ceramic tower fan heater.

Advantages of Ceramic Fan Tower Heaters

Although there are many other freestanding heaters you could use to heat up your home, you would benefit most from a tower heater for the following reasons:

  • Safer to Use – The heat output in ceramic tower heaters are self-regulating and the enclosures for tower heaters are made with cool to touch materials so the risk of burning fingers on it is reduced.
  • Heats Up Faster – It takes just a few minutes to provide warmth to a large room. You will barely have time to shiver from the cold!
  • Even Heat Distribution – Tower heaters will usually have an oscillation feature to ensure each part of a room is heated up so no one will feel cold no matter how far from the heater they are sat. A few of the best tower heaters have the option to oscillate at a 360 degree range which makes it perfect for very large areas.
  • Tip Over Protection – There’s usually a wide and sturdy base attached to the bottom of tower heaters due to its height. This will prevent it from falling down if someone bumps into it. Some will have an automatic shut off installed too if the tower heater does fall over.
  • Longer Lasting Heat – Whether it’s a ceramic tower heater or tower fan heater, both will keep rooms heated for a longer time after it’s been switched off because it takes a longer time for them to cool down. This makes it more energy efficient than other types of freestanding heaters as well.
  • Background Heating – Tower heaters will also provide some heat to the surrounding areas of the room even when it’s directed in one area.
  • Takes Up Less Floor Space – Due to the standing upright design of tower heaters, they are smaller so can even fit in small rooms. Other heaters can take up a lot of space despite being a slim panelled radiator.
  • Easy to Store Away – Can fit into the corner of the room or a narrow gap when it’s no longer needed.
  • No Blinding Glow – Some portable heaters such as halogen heaters can give off a bright glow that’s too much for the eyes to handle. Ceramic tower heaters and tower fan heaters have no glowing parts installed.
  • Energy Saving – Because of its combination of using a fan and ceramic heating element to generate heat more quickly and efficiently.

Tower Heater Safety Tips

Tower heaters will usually have safety features built in already making it very safe to use when compared to other types of heaters. But there are always fire hazards when using any type or brand of heaters so you should still follow these recommended safety guidelines:

  • Read the safety instructions before use, even if you’ve used one before as each model differs
  • Turn it off when you leave the room
  • Don’t put tower heaters on shelves, tables or countertops – unless they are designed for desktop use
  • Keep it at a distance from children – although the cool touch materials reduces the risk of burning fingers on it, it doesn’t make it safe for young children or pets to play near the heater when it’s on due to fire hazards
  • Avoid using in a child’s bedroom
  • Don’t cover with clothing – as with all portable heaters, don’t hang clothing on the heater or near it as there’s a risk of fire.

There are many tower heaters to choose from, but not all of them are effective or safe. It’s a good idea to start with our list of the best ceramic tower heaters above, as they’ve garnered many positive reviews and a good reputation. One things for sure, you don’t want to go cold this winter!

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