Top 10 Best Extending Dining Tables

Save space when it's just a few, but seat more when friends and family dine too.

Top 10 Best Extending Dining Tables

Top 10 Best Extending Dining Tables

Extendable dining tables saves space in the dining area when there’s only a few dining, but extends to seat many more when you have friends and family over. Check out our top 10 best extending dining tables which offers you a seating plan of 2 to 10 seats.

Best Extending Dining Tables | Smallest to Largest

Collection Kentucky | 2-4 Seater

10. Collection Kentucky | 2-4 Seater

When closed, the Collection Kentucky table forms a perfect circle that comfortably seats two diners. To fit in more guests, the table uses a butterfly leaf extension panel in the middle to extend from its original size of 100 cm to 133 cm to seat four diners round the table. Made from real wood veneer and solid wooden legs, this table is beautifully designed and sturdy to show off the woodwork style.

Buy the Collection Kentucky – £269.99


Ikea Gamleby | 2-6 Seater

9. Ikea Gamleby | 2-6 Seater

Featuring a more simple way to extend a dining table, the Ikea Gamleby uses a drop leaf design to extend the table from seating two to six people. The colour of the table is a classic grey with a solid pine table top that goes well with many home decors.

A small drawer can be found under the table top which allows napkins or cutlery to be stored there. This is the best extending dining table for small homes that’s easier to set up for more guests when required.

Buy the Ikea Gamleby – £180


Monty by Made | 2-6 Seater

8. Monty by Made | 2-6 Seater

Constructed from oak, this Monty table by Made extends from a two to six seater dining table. Stored within the table is the extra panel that folds out in the middle when it’s needed, to give a maximum length of 130 cm. Finished in oak veneer and built with slim tapered legs, this table is elegant in style even in its extended form.

Buy the Made Monty – £299


N.B.F Ethiopia | 2-6 Seater

7. N.B.F Ethiopia | 2-6 Seater

With one solid stand holding the table top up, the N.B.F Ethiopia extending table can be extended from 160 cm to 205 cm. Without the legs getting in the way, this can easily fit eight chairs around the table making it perfect for dinner parties.

Extending the table is easy as the table slides open each side to enable an extra panel to be fitted.

What’s more is that upon sliding the table open, it reveals storage space within the stand. Built with MDF wood, this table is of a high quality with a lovely design to suit many modern homes.

Buy the N.B.F Ethiopia - Price not available


Betty by Made | 2-6 Seater

6. Betty by Made | 2-6 Seater

Designed in a traditional style, the Betty dining table by Made blends an elegant style with modern practicality. Corners of the table are rounded to give the style a softness which also makes it safe around young children.

Hidden within the table top is the extra wooden panel to enable the table to be extended from 160 to 210 cm. This seats up to six people comfortable or eight people at a squeeze around the table.

Fitted with conical solid wooden legs and a solid wood lipping, the table is sturdy and easy to take apart if needed. With beautiful colours of white, grey and warm oak to choose from, this table will bring an airy feel to your kitchen or dining room.

Buy the Made Betty – £599


Edelweiss by Made | 2-6 Seater

5. Edelweiss by Made | 2-6 Seater

The Edelweiss by Made has a stylish design which can be easily extended from a four to six seater table in less than a minute. This is done by just slotting in the extra wooden panel in the middle of the table. It has an understated design of contrasting wood pine and black which will suit a stylish home.

Buy the Made Edelweiss – £379


John Lewis Anton | 6-8 Seater

4. John Lewis Anton | 6-8 Seater

Retro in design, the John Lewis Anton has sleek curves with splayed table legs which provides plenty of room for seated diners. At its original length of 160 cm, it seats six people but with the extra leaf panel added in the middle of the sliding table panel, it extends to 220 cm which seats eight people. Being quite big in size, it’s great for homes with big families.

Buy the John Lewis Anton – £399


John Lewis Alba | 6-8 Seater

3. John Lewis Alba | 6-8 Seater

Made from a combination of materials, the John Lewis Alba’s final look is country style chic with its soft grey and oak colours. It’s a large table that extends via a hidden folding panel in the middle which is easy to set up and put away after use.

This panel fits in smoothly with the table top and is sturdy. It’s a big table but can still fit nicely against the wall of small kitchens or dining rooms.

Buy the John Lewis Alba – £399


Bramante by Made | 6-10 Seater

2. Bramante by Made | 6-10 Seater

Finished with ultra high white gloss, the Bramante by Made is sleek in style with its minimalist design. Its construction is simple to use with the engineered wood featuring a smooth aluminium mechanism that glides open easily to extend the table.

The table normally seats six but the two extra leaves allow up to ten people to sit around the table. Oozing style and fashion appeal, this table will suit a contemporary or artistic type of home.

Buy the Made Bramante – £499


John Lewis Calia | 6-10 Seater

1. John Lewis Calia | 6-10 Seater

Beautifully designed to a rustic finish, the John Lewis Calia makes an eye catching bold statement piece.

Made with a heavy oak table top and a thick black steel frame, the table stands sturdily when extended to its maximum with the two leaves to seat ten people.

Extending the table will require two people due to the weight which shows it’s one of the best extending dining tables for durability and quality.

Buy the John Lewis Calia – £799

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