How to Use a Steam Mop to Clean Different Floors

A great steam mop can clean a variety of different surfaces.

How to Use a Steam Mop to Clean Different Floors

How to Use a Steam Mop on Different Floors

More and more households are turning to steam mops to clean their hard floors. A steam mop means that there is no longer a need to get on your hands and knees to clean floors. Steam mops have helped to revolutionize household cleaning and have many advantages, some of which aren’t common knowledge.

This article will explain how you can get the most out of a steam mop and answer some common questions, such as Can you use a steam mop on laminate floors? and How to use a steam mop?

Steam mops are truly versatile – one steam mop is able to perform many different types of cleaning jobs. Many models are designed to be increasingly lightweight, so they are easy to manoeuvre and reach into awkward places. They are also better for the environment as they do not need harsh chemicals to perform a deep clean. Water is all you need for a hygienic and sparkling home.

Can You Use a Steam Mop on Laminate Floors?

Some people think that a steam mop for laminate floors is a terrible idea, believing that it may cause the laminate to buckle and warp, but as long as the floor is properly sealed with varnish, it is perfectly possible to clean it with a steam mop. Just make sure your laminate floor is properly fitted with no gaps.

Can you use a steam mop on laminate floors
Can you use a steam mop on laminate floors? The short answer is yes, but make sure you choose a suitable model and that your floor is properly sealed.

Most current models of steam cleaners are suitable for laminate flooring. Use one with a micro-fibre cloth and do not use any detergents or cleaners before or after the clean.

Water and laminate do not generally work well together, but using a steam cleaner is fine as the water dries within thirty seconds. If you still unsure about the idea of using a steam cleaner on a laminate floor, it might be a good idea to test the effect on an inconspicuous area. If you notice any discoloration or the edges buckling, stop immediately, but this is unlikely!

Steam mops are a brilliant way of quickly removing dirt and grime from laminate flooring, leaving a lovely shine. The VAX Bare Floor S2S Hard Floor Cleaner is an example of a model that is a suitable steam mop for laminate floors.

steam mop for laminate floors.

Using a Steam Mop on Other Floors

Wooden Floors

It is a good idea to use a steam mop on wooden floors as the floors will be left without any streaky residue. However, steam cleaners are unsuitable for any floor with a waxed surface. Caution should be used to avoid overly vigorous mopping, particularly in older and uneven floorboards, where there is the risk that moisture can seep between the gaps – never a good thing! If you are planning to use a steam mop on wooden floors, look for a steam mop that allows you to change the cleaning cloth quickly and easily.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl is a tough and durable man-made material that offers the same external appearance as tiled or laminate floors. Vinyl floors are notoriously difficult to get clean, especially if they are textured as dirt has a tendency to get stuck in the texture and grains of the vinyl.

Steam mops are the ideal method of cleaning them properly and effectively, without having to get down on your hands and knees with a scrubbing brush. Very little effort is required but it might be advisable to give your floor a pre-clean if there are large amounts of accumulated dirt and grease. Look for a steam mop that is specifically designed to cope with vinyl – the Shark range of steam mops are recommended for vinyl floors.

Slate Floors

A steam mop is a particularly effective way of cleaning slate floors because the steam is able to thoroughly penetrate the grout used between the tiles, as well as leaving the tiles gleaming. Steam is non-abrasive and won’t damage the surface of the tiles, unlike repeated scrubbing.

As with all floors, begin by sweeping away the surface debris, and then use the steam mop which will easily finish the job. Look for a steam mop with a large head, such as the Gleam Steam 10 in 1, 1500w. If you make a quick steam clean part of your daily routine, your floors will look beautifully clean with very little effort.

Some Useful Steam Mop Cleaning Tips

The following tips help to demonstrate the versatility and utility of the steam mop.

  • Use distilled water rather than tap water to prolong the life of a steam mop’s filters.
  • Remove dried stains from tiles by making sure that you have enough steam and simply moving the mop backward and forwards several times.
  • Steam mops aren’t strictly carpet cleaners but they can be used to spot clean them when required. Clean pet accidents or other spills by pre-treating the area with a suitable cleaner and then leaving the mop to stand over the area for a couple of minutes, after first removing the pad and replacing with the carpet attachment. The heat of the steam will completely disinfect the area, leaving it free of unpleasant smells and stains. Finish by blotting dry with a paper towel.
  • Remove the long handle from the steam mop, turn it on and use the pad to steam clean bathroom tiles. The steam cleaner will leave them sparkling in minutes and free from any residue.
  • Many models of steam cleaners have various attachments. A pointed plastic end, for example, can be used to hygienically clean the rim of a toilet, instantly destroying millions of germs without any need for chemicals.
  • Use a steam mop as a steamer for your clothes and upholstery.
  • In hot weather, wheelie bins can quickly become very smelly, attracting flies. After the bin has been emptied, clean it with a steam cleaner to instantly sanitise it, leaving it odour free.

Why You Need a Great Steam Mop

There are so many benefits to owning a steam mop. You can be confident in the fact that all bacteria on floor surfaces are completely eliminated – especially important in the bathroom and kitchen. You can enjoy a naturally clean smelling home without the need for artificial chemicals. Steam mops are also excellent for people suffering from allergies and breathing-related conditions, such as asthma.

How to use a steam mop on different floors and surfaces.

Steam mops leave floors that dry quickly are very advantageous for homes that are prone to damp and in cold wet weather when you don’t want to leave the windows open for hours or manually dry the floor with towels.

They are far less labour intensive than traditional mops and are easily able to glide into those hard to reach edges and corners.

Steam mops clean without leaving a residue or anything but bright shiny surfaces.

Finally, the cleaning cloth is ready to remove and pop in the washing machine when necessary; there is no need to wring a dirty mop head and manually dispose of dirty water.

Learning how to use a steam mop is a quick and easy process and it is easy to see why they are increasingly seen as indispensable household cleaning items that many would not want to live without. If you’re ready to do some steam cleaning, then check out our Top 10 Best Steam Mops comparison.

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    My wet room has a slip proof tiled floor but my steam cleaner will not clean this surface it has to be a hands and knees job bought my steam mop specifically for this task

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