Our 5 Best Ironing Boards Reviewed

Ironing made easy for anyone.

Top 5 Best Ironing Boards Reviewed

Top 5 Best Ironing Boards Reviewed

Ironing boards do more than just provide a surface area for you to iron on. Having one with a poorly fitted cover or a bad frame structure amongst other things can lead to a horrible ironing job that can leave you with wrinkled clothes.

The best ironing boards can save time, be practical and provide an overall excellent ironing experience. Here are our top 5 ironing boards reviewed. You can also compare them in a comparison table here.

Our Top 5 Best Ironing Boards Reviewed


Minky Ergo Ironing Board Reviewed

5. Minky Ergo

OUR RATING 4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Minky Ergo - £45.00

  • Heat Reflective Cover – Enables easier crease removal and a faster ironing time.
  • Thick Felt Underlay – Gives the ironing board a smoother surface.
  • Cord Clip – Can be clipped anywhere on the board to tuck your iron cord into so it’s out of the way.
  • Ergonomic Rest for the Iron – Your iron can be placed in a position that allows for natural arm movement to place or grab the iron from here.
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Designed and made in the UK, this Minky Ergo ironing board offers a more comfortable and faster ironing experience. Featuring a Prozone cover that’s made from 100% cotton and coated in a heat reflective metallic coating, it can help to keep heat between your iron and the board so it’s trapped within your garment making crease removal more effective. As a result, your ironing time is shortened.

For a smooth and natural arm movement, the rest for your iron has been designed ergonomically with two large holes in it for your iron to sit in on its heel. This helps to prevent arm and shoulder strain as you’re not lifting your elbow upwards to grab the iron. Due to there being two holes, it’s ideal for left or right handed use.

This ironing board is quite sturdy and easy to use with an adjustable height up to 92cm. It can be collapsed with the lever beneath the board which can be reached from a standing position to make it easy to store away. Lots of people found their irons glided smoothly over this with a lot of heat generated which helped to speed up the ironing process and crease removal was more effective than using a standard ironing board.


Minky Hot Spot Ironing Board Review

4. Minky Hot Spot Pro

OUR RATING4.1 out of 5 stars

Buy the Minky Hotspot Pro - £32.67

  • Silicone Iron Rest – Can be removed and placed anywhere on the ironing board.
  • Prozone Reflective Heat Cover – Helps to trap heat within its surfaces to make wrinkle removal easier which will speed up the ironing process.
  • Sturdy Loop Legs – Wide with rubber grips on each corner to give it extra stability.
  • 5 Year Guarantee

The Minky Hot Spot Pro ironing board is one of the best ironing boards for large fabric items because of its full flat surface with the removable silicone iron rest. Having the option to move the silicone iron rest means you will get all the space you need for big items.

You could place the silicone rest to the side somewhere to rest the iron on top without worrying about knocking it over if it had been on the board. With the flat loop legs, this makes the ironing board more sturdier and harder to topple over.

Ironing time is quite quick thanks to the lovely pink and black Prozone cover which is covered in heat reflective dots.

It’s an ideal ironing board for people who tend to iron large fabric items and it doesn’t take up much space either as it can folded down flat to a compact size of just 141 cm tall.


Brabantia Titan Ironing Board Reviewed

3. Brabantia Titan

OUR RATING4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Brabantia Titan - £63.00

  • Integrated Heat Resistant Iron Zone – A dedicated parking zone for your hot iron to temporarily rest on.
  • Good for Tall People – Can be height adjusted up to 102 cm.
  • Safety Locks – The child safety lock keeps the ironing board from collapsing and the transport lock holds the folded board together to prevent it from opening up when carrying it or storing it away.
  • Large Surface Area – Lots of space to iron on making it great for big fabrics.
  • 10 Year Guarantee

With a cover that looks like an optical illusion, the Brabantia Titan ironing board has a wide working surface making it suitable for ironing large items. On the wide side of the ironing board, there’s a dedicated heat resistant zone for the iron which can be placed face down without risk of burning. Whichever item you’re ironing, it’ll make quick work of it with the amount of surface space for you to work on. Despite its large size, it’s not heavy.

It can be adjusted from 62 cm to 102 cm so you can even sit down to iron and watch TV at the same time if you wanted to. With this wide range of height options available, it’s ideal for people who cannot stand for long periods of time or wheelchair users.

Tall people can use it without ending up with a backache afterwards too. You even have the option to set the board to your preferred height so you don’t have to waste time fiddling about with it.

There’s the option to choose from a cover with lavender flowers or with a foldable linen rack so you can fold and stack your ironed clothes as you iron. People liked the tightly pulled fabric cover as it gave a really smooth surface to iron on and didn’t cause friction between the fabric surfaces. Although it’s a bit costly, its adaptability to any user offers a comfortable solution to ironing chores and as it’s very sturdy so it will be sure to last you a long time.


Brabantia Ice Water Wide Ironing Board Reviewed

2. Brabantia Ice Water Wide | Size C

OUR RATING4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Brabantia Ice Water Wide - £90.37

  • Steam Iron Rest – Made to hold steam iron generators up to 7kg.
  • Safety Locks – Keeps the ironing board from collapsing and opening up.
  • Wide Work Surface – Ideal for big pieces of clothing and helps to cut down ironing time.
  • Smooth Ironing Surface – The cover is thick and has a cord binder to keep the surface taut for a smoother ironing surface.
  • Non-Slip Protective Floor Caps – Prevents the ironing board from sliding about during use as well as protecting your floor surfaces.
  • 10 Year Guarantee

Not many ironing boards can hold steam iron generators as they’re often too heavy for the board to support its weight. However, the Brabantia Ice Water Wide is one of the best ironing boards for this job thanks to its solid metal built in steam unit holder. It’s attached securely to the wide end of the board and can hold up to 7kg which covers the majority of steam iron generators.

With the wide ironing surface, it makes quick work of ironing large items or even regular size garments as you spend less time repositioning them.

The height is adjustable in 4 positions from 77 cm to 96cm. It’s not as high as the previous Brabantia board in this list of ironing board reviews but taller people who have used this found the highest setting was more comfortable than other standard ironing boards.

There are safety features of a child lock to keep the opened up board from collapsing and transport lock so it won’t suddenly open up when you’re carrying it folded flat. It’s a solidly built ironing board designed for people who use steam generator irons which is quite pricey for an ironing board. But this is one that will last you a long time even if you go back to using a standard iron, it won’t let you down.


Brabantia Ice Water Ironing Board Reviewed

1. Brabantia Ice Water | Size B

OUR RATING4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the Brabantia Ice Water - £49.99

  • Ergonomically Designed Iron Rest – Allows the iron to be grabbed or placed easily without risk of straining your wrist or arm.
  • Child Locks – Locks the ironing board in place when it’s opened up so you can safely iron your clothes without worrying about the board collapsing from little fiddly hands.
  • Transport Locks – Keeps the ironing board locked down flat to ensure it doesn’t open up when carried or during storage.
  • Large Ironing Surface – Enables you to iron garments in a shorter period of time as there’s less need to reposition your garments.
  • Adjustable Working Height – Can be adjusted from 77 – 96 cm to provide the most comfortable ironing position for you.
  • 10 Year Guarantee

Similar to the previous Brabantia ironing board review, this Brabantia Ice Water board also provides a large surface area for you to iron big items on. The difference with this one is that it’s designed with an ergonomic iron rest which follows your arm’s natural movement when reaching to the iron rest.

The gap for the iron’s heel to fit into is narrow which will fit many different types of steam irons so you don’t need to worry about the iron falling through it. It’s quite sturdy and will even hold a large fully filled steam iron. In addition, there’s an open kickstand to support the soleplate of your iron as well as allowing steam and heat to flow through it meaning you won’t have to deal with a hot metal iron rest.

This ironing board is ideal for anyone who irons on a regular basis and needs something with a great surface to iron on. Its structure is robust with a lacquered frame to prevent rust and corrosion and the ironing board cover is strong which is tightly fitted and can be pulled tighter with the cord for an even smoother surface. Another great ironing board from Brabantia which will ensure you will get many years of usage out of it.

Final Thoughts | Best Ironing Boards

It might seem illogical to spend so much money on an ironing board at first, but if you invest that much in one, you wouldn’t need to buy another cheap one which will just give up the ghost quickly.

Any of these 5 best ironing boards in our reviews will last you for years to come and it means you will be able to get a perfect surface to work on as well as comfortably iron your clothes in no time.

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