Our 10 Best Electric Fireplaces Reviewed

Heat up the room while adding stylish decor.

Top 10 Best Electric Fireplaces UK Reviewed

Top 10 Best Electric Fireplaces UK Reviewed

As the nights get darker and the weather outside gets colder, it’s the ideal time to turn our thoughts to snuggling up indoors, in front of a cosy fireplace. But when it comes to choosing one, where do you start?

Electric fireplaces require no gas supply and offer a flexible and convenient solution for your home. In this article, we are going to be focusing on many different features and reviewing the 10 best electric fireplaces for you and your home. You can also compare the below models in our comparison table here.

Our Top 10 Best Electric Fireplaces Reviewed

Dimplex Stockbridge Electric Fireplace Review

10. Dimplex Stockbridge

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Dimplex Stockbridge - £485.08

  • Classic Cast-Iron Stove – The opening stove doors and glossy black finish gives a truly authentic appearance
  • Remote control gives full control at your fingertips
  • Optiflame effect provides realistic flame appearance
  • Use Real Coals or a Log Effect – Whatever suits your living room better

This Dimplex stove is a solid designed fireplace, offering you the choice of either real coals or a log effect fuel bed. The cast iron body gives this traditional looking fire a reassuringly expensive appearance, with a price tag that that matches its quality.

This attractive fireplace also features opening doors, which have a smooth-closing, high quality feel to them. It offers the modern convenience of a remote control and gives you a choice of two heat settings, allowing you to warm a room quickly and then leave it on a lower setting if desired. With its glossy stove finish and welcoming glow, it’s a design that appeals as a good all-rounder.

Users Say: The look of a real stove without the hassle or mess, real coals, quiet fan function and efficient heater.


Adam Truro Ivory Suite Electric Fireplace Review

9. Adam Truro Ivory

OUR RATING4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Adam Truro Ivory - £415.78

  • Attractive deco based design that would compliment both a modern and traditional room
  • Safety cut out system for total peace of mind
  • Full fireplace suite which includes both electric fire and surround
  • Large chunky pebbles provides a warm and natural appearance

The soft ivory and brushed-steel tones of this warming fireplace, provide a upmarket appearance that would look just as appealing in a modern themed room, as a traditional one.

Electric fireplace suites consist of both the fire itself as well as its complementing surround, providing an instant feature point for your home.

The fire comes fully assembled, complete with all necessary fittings to fix the surround to the wall. It features a fire bed of large chunky pebbles of varying tones and an LED glow effect fire. You also have the option of a 1Kw or 2Kw setting, allowing you to heat your hoe to the best comfort level to suit you.

Users Say: Good value for money, worth every penny, easy instructions and beautiful surround and hearth.


Dimplex Zamora Electric Fireplace Review

8. Dimplex Zamora

OUR RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Dimplex Zamora - £199.00

  • Choice of fuel bed (coal or pebbles) to personalise the look of your fire
  • Plug and Go makes it very easy to install
  • BEAB Approved – Tested fully to British and European safety standards

This contemporary style electric fire, is designed to fit flush against a wall and offers you a choice of either modern white pebbles, or traditional coal, as a choice of fuel bed. Unlike a gas fire, it’s easy maintenance design means there is no need for an annual service, just plug it in and go!

Featuring Optiflame technology, the Dimplex Zamora flame effect, can be used with or without heat, giving a cosy feel to your room in all weathers and its choice of heat settings gives you full comfort control. Its distinctive retro appearance is both smart and attractive.

You are also able to purchase an additional slate effect hearth to add to the fireplace set if required, giving a stunning over all finish for a very reasonable price.

Users Say: Striking good looks, effective heater, excellent value for money and a quiet fan.


Dimplex Opti-Myst Stove Electric Fireplace Review

7. Dimplex Opti-Myst Stove

OUR RATING4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Dimplex Opti-Myst Stove - £499.00

  • Three dimensional ‘Opti-Myst’ fire gives an attractive warm glow
  • Water mist smoke effect for a truly realistic flames
  • Adjustable thermostat for automatic optimal heat control.
  • Remote control allows you to control fire at a distance.

The Dimplex Opti-Myst features an impressive 3D flame effect fire, giving it a very realistic and impressive feel. Based on a traditional design, the black surround would make it a perfect alternative to a log burner and offers much more flexibility than it’s gas-based counterpart as you get it’s full range of good looks and was of use, without any of the mess.

The stove features an easy to fill water tank to help create a fine water mist. This, combined with the warm glow, allows the flames to look very realistic while still remaining totally safe to touch. It also features thermostatic control, something reserved only for the best electric fireplace options. With it’s half or full heat options in the base fan heater, it’s a great buy for anyone looking for a cosy and realistic gas alternative for their home.

Users Say: Exceeds expectations, best realistic fire available, easy to maintain, very quiet heater function.


Dimplex CLB20R Club Electric Fireplace Review

6. Dimplex CLB20R Club

OUR RATING 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy the Dimplex CLB20R Club - Price not available

  • A class energy rating for cost effective heating of your home
  • Traditional log effect design creating a welcoming focal point
  • Quiet operation with no annoying loud fans.

Featuring a traditional ‘log burner’ style Optiflame effect and a choice of heat settings, this traditional fire would compliment most rooms, The flame effect can be used either with or without heat, giving a cost-effective way to create a cosy glow, even when you don’t need additional heat.

This fire ensures you have total peace of mind with its BEAB safety rating and its A class energy rating. Its compact, freestanding design means it is easy to place, exactly where you need it. The dimensions of the stove are approximately H 597mm x W 510mm x D 340mm, giving you a very substantial and compact heater for your living space.

Users Say: Impressive quality, sturdy design, quiet flame effect, very good value, looks like a real log burner.


Dimplex Castillo Electric Fireplace Review

5. Dimplex Castillo

OUR RATING4.6 out of 5 stars

Buy the Dimplex Castillo - £129.47

  • Choice of modern or traditional fuel bed to suit your tastes
  • Elegant art deco appearance provides a classy addition to any home

With a modern twist on a popular art-deco design, this Dimplex fire is sure to please. Featuring a choice of 1 or 2 kilowatt heat settings, as well as both a modern pebble and more traditional coal based fuel bed design, it provides the perfect opportunity to enhance your living space at an incredibly appealing price.

Designed to fit flush against a wall, this 9″ deep fire comes with a cable approximately 1.5 metres long.

It is very easy to use and requires no complex installations or additional materials. With it’s realistic flame effect and instant heat, it makes an attractive and cosy addition to any room.

Users Say: Classy design, realistic flames, very easy to install, quick to heat up and good instructions included.


Dimplex Detroit Electric Fireplace Review

4. Dimplex Detroit

OUR RATING 4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the Dimplex Detroit - £114.72

  • Choice of fuel bed giving you the choice of both a traditional and modern electric fireplace.
  • Fully safety tested to BEAB Intertek standards
  • Realistic flame effect thanks to its Optiflame Technology

This fireplace comes with an economical choice of two heat settings, a stunning Optiflame flame effect and a silver satin and chrome finish. It’s stunning good looks are matched by it’s choice of pebble or coal fuel-bed. It comes with a one year guarantee as well as BEAD approved certification, giving you total peace of mind with your purchase.

The Dimplex Detroit is freestanding and can be used flat against a wall. With the two heat settings, it’s easy to adjust and it’s warming glow can be used with or without heat. The silver-satin finish of the fireplace blends perfectly with it’s accompanying black surround and it is 100 percent efficient at the point of use.

Users Say: Stylish design, easy to install, good value for money, easy control temperature.


Dimplex CHT20 Cheriton Electric Fireplace Review

3. Dimplex CHT20 Cheriton

OUR RATING4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the Dimplex CHT20 Cheriton - £206.50

  • Good value for money
  • Deep black and brass finish for a traditional feel
  • Real coal bed for added authenticity

The Dimplex Cheriton features a black and brass effect finish, bound to enhance the look of any traditionally styled room. It’s flat backed design, means it can sit comfortably against a wall, without the need for additional fixtures and fittings.

With it’s handy remote control, well-placed heating switches, plug-and-play design and realistic glowing coals, this really does provide a convenient and welcoming focal point for your room and it’s one year guarantee is a welcome bonus.

The Optiflame effect on this fireplace isn’t restricted to the use of the heater and can also operate as an independent flame, allowing you to enjoy the look of a warm fire, without the heat.

Users Say: Very good value for money, realistic coal effect, easy to assemble and attractive design.


Dimplex Tango Electric Fireplace Review

2. Dimplex Tango

OUR RATING4.7 out of 5 stars

Buy the Dimplex Tango - £249.99

  • Energy Class A for total efficiency
  • Traditional design provides a realistic alternative to a traditional wood burner
  • Real coal fuel bed is visually realistic

The Dimplex Tango features a beautifully traditional design, making it a great alternative for a heavy-maintenance log burner. Its 2kW heater warms up quickly, providing a comfortable temperature to match its warm glow and outputting a generous amount of heat for a conveniently compact design.

Extremely portable, this unit features a 5ft long cable and is small enough to use in any room It also comes with a remote control, for total ease of use. If you are a lover of the glamping or caravanning lifestyle, the Dimplex Tango could even be a portable and luxurious addition to your awning!

It’s economical price tag and class A energy rating, means this fireplace has a big appeal at a very low cost, giving it an all-round appeal.

Users Say: Instant heat, realistic flames, extremely good value and cost-efficient to run.


Castleton Glass Suite Electric Fireplace Review

1. Castleton Glass Suite

OUR RATING 4.8 out of 5 stars

Buy the Castleton Glass Suite - Price not available

  • Four flame effects with additional 13 colour background mood lighting
  • Modern 100% LED Lighting for a realistic and economical glowing flame
  • Remote control with LCD display gives you total control at your fingertips
  • Built-in timer allows you to decide when the fireplace automatically turns on/off

The Castleton fireplace suite showcases a stunning glass fronted design and comes with an easy-to-assemble, flat-pack cream surround. This gives an impressive and welcoming focal point in one fitted unit. It’s appealing design is suitable for use on both a wooden or carpeted floor, providing the look of a fitted fireplace without any of the hard work.

This electric fireplaces suite design also offers thermostatic control, adjustable flame effect intensity/brightness and and a handy timer, giving you top of the range features to enhance your living space.

The mood lighting can be set to static or to gently cycle through the various colours, creating a relaxing and somewhat mesmerising effect. Considering the amount of features this fireplace suite offers, it’s price point is extremely reasonable and is proving to be a popular purchase for many.

Users Say: Quiet heater, realistic flames, looks more expensive than it costs and plenty of different looks.

Why Use an Electric Fireplace Heater?

So you’ve decided you want a fire, what next? Do you choose gas or electric? More and more people are turning to electric fireplaces nowadays for pure ease of use, less maintenance, flexible design and low running costs. With many different display options and sizes, there is pretty much something to suit everyone’s tastes and preference.

A modern electric fireplace can also often prove to be a safer, cleaner and more hassle-free option. It can fit pretty much anywhere in your home easily and quickly. So let’s take a look in more detail, at some of the points you should consider when looking at a new fireplace for your home.

Top Features | Best Electric Fireplaces

Construction and Aesthetics

Modern fireplaces come in all designs, offering a huge available range. With an electric fire, you are able to choose from traditional to modern, wooden to metal or even something much more unique.

Electric fireplaces are also a lot easier to change if you fancy something else, in fact they are more like a piece of furniture than a static feature, with the ability to change them to suit pretty much any design of room.


When considering a fire, you are often bound by limitations such as size. Again, this is something you will find more flexible with electric fireplaces.

These really just mimic the look of a gas fire, without needing all the complex pipes and gas feeds to make it operate. Of course if you want a huge electric fire to dominate your living space, that’s possible too. It’s completely your choice.

Cord Length

A big plus for electric fireplaces is the ability to put them pretty much anywhere, as all they require is a standard electric outlet. Any corner of the room can easily be enhanced with a fire and if you want a freestanding version in the middle of the room, go for it. Your only real limitation is the cord length.

So take a moment to consider where exactly you would like to position your new fire, as the length of the cable could be an important consideration for future use.

Heat Levels

The problem with gas fires is, the heat they produce is neither instant, nor easily controllable. What starts off as a beautiful glowing flame to keep away the chill, can soon turn into a furnace as you dash to open the windows. With a modern electric fireplace, this is a much more controlled function, giving you the choice of instant heat levels.

Adjustable Thermostat

A lot of these fires will come with varying heat controls. While a simple on/off switch might suit some people, you might want to consider an adjustable thermostat to control the temperature automatically. This maintains a steady and comfortable heat for your room, without the need for constant adjustment.

Independent Flame

Of course if you are getting a little hot under the collar but still enjoy the cosy glow of your fireplace, the independent flame function will prove invaluable to you. This is simply the option of keep the glowing coal or flame effect, while turning off the heat.

This is something you could never do with gas, giving you a very cost-effective way of keeping a welcoming and glowing focal point in your room.

Remote Control

Being an electrical appliance, one of the many benefits of your new fire is the option to have a remote control. There’s simply nothing like snuggling up on your sofa with the heat control at your fingertips, allowing you to stay comfortable without having to constantly move. This could also be a major consideration for anyone with mobility issues and could make for a much more comfortable experience all-round.

Power Wattage

Power wattages do vary in electric fireplaces and you should consider the size of the room you want to heat before buying. While you don’t necessarily need to go overboard and buy the most powerful option out there, you should make sure the output and functionality of the fireplace, will match the location you want to put it in.

Fuel Bed

Your preference of fuel-effect is also totally adjustable and sometimes even interchangeable. So if you have a hankering for a cosy focal point with warm glowing coals, a sturdy log burner or modern pebbles, you’ll find them all available for you, without the mess and fuss of making up a real gas fire.

Safety Functions

If you have children or pets in your house, the attraction of a safe glowing flame-effect over a real flame is an obvious one. You also don’t have to worry about unsafe fumes such as carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. Being gas and smoke free, the best electric fireplace option is also much friendlier to the environment and could also help cause less irritability if you suffer from certain health-related issues.

Final Word on Electric Fireplaces

A fireplace is more than just a heater; it’s also a permanent fixture that adds warmth and character to your home. Fortunately, there’s no need to knock down walls or be concerned with safety hazards from traditional fireplaces because the best electric fireplaces are economical, safe and easily transportable.

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