7 Best Ways On How to Get Rid of Hard Skin On Feet

How to Get Rid of Hard Skin On Feet

Having hard skin on your feet is an unsightly look especially during hot weather when you want to wear flip flops or sandals. Not only that, it’s rough and dry which often scratches against other areas of your feet or body when contact is made. Overtime, dry skin on feet will crack and can lead to torn hard skin that may bleed or catch against your socks. Ouch!

To remove hard skin on your feet, it takes more than just moisturising creams. Even the best foot moisturiser cream will find it difficult so we’ve looked at how to get rid of dry skin on feet as well as hard skin and put it all together in this article. You’ll find these hard skin on feet removal methods will leave you with beautifully soft feet.

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Using an Electric Foot File

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An electric foot file is one of the best ways to remove hard skin on your feet as it doesn’t require much effort since the rotating file does all the hard work. A well-designed one can buff hard skin off in minutes compared to using a manual foot file.

For effective hard skin on feet removal with an electric foot file, simply follow the instructions included in your electric pedi roller or follow our step by step guide:

1. Clean your feet with soap and water: This will help to remove dead skin cells. Then dry it off with a towel. Do not attempt to use the foot file in the shower, many are not designed for wet use because the rotating head will not be coarse when wet.

2. Turn your foot file on: Push it gently along the dry skin on your feet. Most electric skin removers will automatically stop if too much pressure is applied to prevent over filing.

3. Clean your feet with soap and water again: This will remove the excess dry skin shavings. Then dry thoroughly with a towel.

4. Apply a foot cream: To help soften your feet and prevent more hard skin from forming on your feet. It’s best to apply this straight after to lock in the moisture from the water to prevent dry skin.

You may not get soft feet immediately after one use of the electric pedi roller so it will need to be used a few times a week.

The main downside with an electric foot file is that it costs a bit more money than other methods because of the replacement file heads. Investing in a cheap one can require you to change the heads regularly so it’s worth doing a bit of research on them first. We recommend you to check out our Top 5 Best Electric Foot Files Comparison.

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Using an Electric Foot File

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