5 Best Ways On How to Descale and Clean a Kettle

how to descale a kettle

So you've got the best electric kettle that you can afford or you recently purchased a new kettle but after a month of daily usage, you find your kettle is taking longer than usual to boil and is looking a bit tired out. The freshly boiled hot water doesn't seem as clear and there seems to be a metallic taste in it as well. This means it's time for a clean and descale of your kettle.

If you don't descale your kettle, this causes your kettle to burn out as more and more limescale builds up inside which effects the heating element. It doesn't take a lot of time to clean a kettle and there are several methods for it. We've put together a guide for you to learn how to descale a kettle without costing a lot of money, effort or time.

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Remove Limescale in Your Kettle With Coca-Cola

Yes really! Coca cola is an effective way to get rid of limescale in your kettle because of the carbonic acid in it. Don’t worry, the way it dissolves limescale in your electric kettle doesn’t cause the same effect in your stomach lining.

Coca Cola and Kettle

To use this method, simply follow this step by step guide:

1) Fill your kettle with coca cola to almost the maximum fill capacity which will probably require 2 – 3 cans. Set your kettle to boil.

2) Leave your kettle and the boiled coca cola to cool down for about 45 minutes.

3) Tip the coca cola solution out. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly the limescale has dissolved when you look inside the kettle.

4) Thoroughly wash and rinse out the kettle a few times to get rid of the remaining coca cola solution and limsecale bits. Now it’s ready for use.

Alternatively, at the end of the day, you could fill the kettle to the max with coca cola and leave it to soak overnight without boiling it. This way works just as well but it will require some scrubbing in the morning to remove the limescale which should come off easily.

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Remove Limescale in Your Kettle With Coca-Cola

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  1. Nick

    Carbonic acid is what you get in soda water. Coca Cola also has Phosphoric acid which is why it will dissolve a tooth left in it by the tooth fairy! Or for that matter limescale. Facts are useful things sometimes!

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