18 Clever Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

Create more space to keep your kitchen organised and tidy.

18 Clever Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

18 Clever Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

For many, the kitchen is a sanctuary from the daily grind. Cooking is an outlet for stress and creativity. This can be difficult if you have a small kitchen where there’s barely enough room to cook and clean. In this case, storage solutions are needed.

Fortunately, there’s been an influx of clever products that makes practical use of small space. Here are 18 clever storage ideas for small kitchens.

Clever Storage Ideas and Solutions

Small Kitchen? 18 Clever Storage Ideas & Solutions

18 clever storage ideas for small kitchens

1. Metaltex Under Shelf Mug Holder

Cups look much better hanging rather than sitting when they’re not in use. This mug holder by Metaltex allows you to hang up to 10 mugs under a shelf with no screws needed. Hang your cups within a cupboard or underneath it to display your funky cups in all its glory!

Check Out the Metaltex Under Shelf Mug Holder


small kitchen storage ideas

2. Brabantia Built-In Kitchen Bin

While it’s essential, a kitchen bin can take up a lot of floor space in the kitchen, and quite frankly, it’s often an ugly sight to see. The Brabantia Built-In Kitchen Bin discreetly hides behind a cupboard door and can easily be removed if needed.

They’re available in either single or double bins (ideal for seperating waste), both of which are constructed from 100% corrosion resistant materials.

Check Out the Brabantia Built-In Kitchen Bin


18 clever storage ideas for small kitchens

3. Joseph Joseph Extend Dish Rack

It’s annoying when you have little space to put your dishes, cups and cutlery after washing up. Instead, you have to stack them on top of each other, hoping they don’t all come crashing down. The innovative Extend Dish Rack by Joseph Joseph ensures there’s enough space for all your washing up.

Nevermind if you have a small kitchen because there’s an expandable tray beneath the rack which increases its drying capacity. The entire rack is sloped to allow water to drain out via the bottom sprout. This is product engineering at its finest.

Check Out the Joseph Joseph Extend Dish Rack


18 clever storage ideas for small kitchens

4. Broom and Mop Wall Rack

Though it’s technically not a storage idea for small kitchens, this broom and mop wall rack is a storage idea for your cleaning storage area which is usually next to the kitchen. Simply mount it onto the wall and it can hold 5 brooms, and even has 5 hooks to hang dustpans and brushes.

Check Out the Broom and Mop Wall Rack


small kitchen storage ideas

5. Slide Out Storage Tower

Here’s a brilliant storage solution for small kitchens which makes clever use of tight gaps between drawers and appliances. The Slide Out Storage Tower smoothly glides out, allowing you to fill its 3-tiers with condiments and other kitchen essentials.

Check Out the Slide Out Storage Tower


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6. Relaxdays Bamboo Cutlery Tray Organiser

If you currently have an overflow of cutlery piled up in your kitchen drawer, it’s time to organise it all. This Bamboo Cutlery Tray by Relaxdays is made from a strong, eco-friendly and natural material has 5 compartments when closed, and 7 compartments when expanded.

Its expandable design lets you fit the tray in different sized drawers while also giving you the option to increase its capacity. It complements almost any style of kitchen too!

Check Out the Relaxdays Bamboo Cutlery Tray Organiser


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7. Heavy Duty Tin Can Crusher

Empty tin cans are space wasters in a kitchen bin. You can fit much more in your recycling bin by using a tin can crusher to compress them until they’re only a few centimetres thick.

Avoid the flimsy models and get the Heavy Duty Tin Can Crusher made by ThinkRecycling. It affixes to the wall and can crush almost any tin can – pet food cans, soup cans, drinking cans; you name it.

Check Out the Heavy Duty Tin Can Crusher


small kitchen storage ideas

8. Masterclass Triple Towel Holder

Looking for somewhere convenient to hang the tea towels? Instead of buying individual plastic hooks, a better kitchen storage solution would be to use the more attractive and durable stainless steel Triple Towel Holder by Masterclass. No screws are needed as all you have to do is just stick it onto the wall via its strong self adhesive sticker.

Check Out the Masterclass Triple Towel Holder


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9. Simplehuman Wall Mount Carrier Bag Dispenser

Fed up of opening the cupboard and being engulfed in a mountain of plastic bags?

We feel your frustration, but luckily Simplehuman has a simple storage idea for small kitchens. Just mount their stainless steel carrier bag dispenser on a wall, inside a cabinet or under a shelf, load it up with up to 30 plastic carrier bags and enjoy the clutter free ease of taking a bag whenever you need one.

Check Out the Simplehuman Wall Mount Carrier Bag Dispenser


clever storage ideas for small kitchens

10. ADDIS Under Sink Storage

The awkward design of drain pipes under the sink limits the storage space surrounding it. This area is a great opportunity to create much needed storage space in small kitchens, and ADDIS have come up with a wonderful idea with their Under Sink Storage shelves.

The width and height of the shelf unit can be adjusted to fit a variety of cupboards, and the shelf panels can be removed and moved around to accomodate different drain pipe designs. This one of the most essential small kitchen ideas we’ve come across!

Check Out the ADDIS Under Sink Storage


small kitchen organisation

11. Andrew James 4-Tier Spice Rack

If you’re a lover of different spices, sauces and other condiments, chances are that you’ll have more than your small kitchen can hold. The 4-Tier Spice Rack by Andrew James will come in handy as it can store and organise up to 32 spice jars.

You can save space by fixing it onto the back of kitchen cabinet doors or mount it onto the wall. Having an assortment of bottles displayed in an organised fashion looks pleasing to say the least. Kitchen organisation at its finest.

Check Out the Andrew James 4-Tier Spice Rack


kitchen cupboard storage ideas

12. Betterware Wire Add-A-Shelf

It’s not very pretty but it sure does help save space in a small kitchen. Betterware’s Wire Add-A-Shelf adds an extra level of space for you to store even more things within your cupboards or table tops.

Check Out the Betterware Wire Add-A-Shelf


clever storage ideas for small kitchens

13. Waterworks Pull Out Bin

If you want to create more walking space within your kitchen and you also throw away a lot of rubbish on a daily basis, the Pull Out Bin by Waterworks is a practical solution as it fits snugly within your cabinet.

It has three seperate rearrangeable compartments to seperate rubbish and a top base where you can place things on top of. It may be hard to get excited by a bin, but this is not your typical kitchen bin!

Check Out the Waterworks Pull Out Bin


small kitchen storage ideas

14. Secret de Gormet Corner Shelf Unit

Aesthetically pleasing and clever use of space is what we first thought when we saw this corner shelf unit by Secret de Gormet, as it stands on anti-slip feet and fits nicely in the corner of your small kitchen.

The 3 tier shelves are constructed from bamboo while the legs and 4 hooks are stainless steel. Not only does it save space, but it also gives your kitchen an artisan appearence.

Check Out the Secret de Gormet Corner Shelf Unit


small kitchen organisation

15. Metaltex Silos Corner Shelf

The Silos Corner Shelf by Metaltex let’s you grab the plate you want without having to take the entire pile out. It sits in the corner of a tablet top or cabinet, and adds an extra two levels in the design of a large wired base. It’s basic but does the job.

Check Out the Metaltex Silos Corner Shelf


Clever Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

16. Joseph Joseph Caddy Sink Tidy

Throwing your sponge, washing up liquid bottle, brush and dishcloth all in one basket looks messy. Why not organise your sink area with this Caddy Sink Tidy by Joseph Joseph?

It comes in a few different colours and has a space for all the aforementioned items. It also dismantles so it clean be cleaned easier.

Check Out the Joseph Joseph Caddy Sink Tidy


Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

17. Bodum Bistro Universal Knife Block

On the outside, this cool looking kitchen accessory looks like a big block, but it’s much more than that. Though the Universal Knife Block by Bodum Bistro can hold an assortment of different sized knives, it can also hold other pieces of cutlery thanks to its countless amount of fine plastic sticks that tightly holds things in place.

Its compact design can fit into small spaces and its rubber feet ensures the unit doesn’t fall over easily. It’s a great space saver if your cutlery tray is already full.

Check Out the Bodum Bistro Universal Knife Block


Clever Storage Idead For Small Kitchens

18. Casa Pura Stainless Steel Kitchen Recycling Bin

Fines and environmental issues means that we all now have to seperate our waste, which is a hassle for many people who have small kitchens. A kitchen recycling bin is an organisational idea that’ll help you manage your rubbish better.

The highly rated stainless steel model by Casa Pura is available in two (36 litres) or three (54 litres) compartments, each having their own pedal for better hygiene.

Check Out the Casa Pura Stainless Steel Kitchen Recycling Bin

Clever Storage Ideas and Solutions

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