10 Best Ways on How to Keep Your House Warm in the Winter

How to Keep Your House Warm in the Winter

With the fast approaching winter, you must be seriously thinking about how to keep your house warm and of course also save some money in the process. If your home is poorly insulated, you could end up spending thousands on energy bills this winter.

Unlike during summer when air conditioning becomes a practical necessity, throughout the chilly winter there are several tricks on how to keep your house warm without having to crank up that heater.

Remember our ancestors did not allow themselves to freeze to death and they invented lots of viable ways of keeping warm in winter at no cost or very little cost. We can learn from them and also do much more today.

Here are 10 ways on how to stay warm in the winter.

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2. Let Sunlight In and Clear Heat Vents

Sunlight Warming the House

When the sun is up and shining, you’ll want to have as much of that freely supplied heat captured as you can. Even when it seems like very cold days, the sun still emits some warmth. So prior to leaving your home for the day, remember to draw the curtains and let the warming light shine through. This is particularly good for those windows that directly face the rays of the sun.

It’s possible that unknowingly, you might have placed some pieces of furniture in front of your home’s heating vents when you were moving in or rearranging the house. Move around and double confirm that these vital vents have not been blocked.

In case they are, come up with ways of leaving them open by moving the furniture, even if just for the winter season. Blocking those return vents when you are using a central heating system could also contribute to more air pressure issues, thus disrupting the flow of heat further.

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2. Let Sunlight In and Clear Heat Vents

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